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Abacrux Registered. Jun 15, 2003 4 0 151. Jun 16, 2003 #1 Hi all! I'm new to CPanel and I'm deeply interested in getting CPanel, what prevents me from buying is the. AbaCruX is a luxurious implementation of the well-known game peg solitaire. The game features great graphics, full animation, sound effects and a great interface. Additionally AbaCruX keeps score in the form of five completion levels for each of the available puzzles that range from 'attempt' to 'full.


The goal of the game is to eliminate as many game pieces as possible. A puzzle is solved when only one game piece remains and is located in the very center of the board. To eliminate a game piece one of the neighboring pieces jumps over the targeted one into an empty location next to the target. Only horizontal and vertical moves are allowed.

Solution Status

In AbaCruX there are 5 possible solution levels that are displayed to the right in the configurations table. They range from one to five stars and are awarded automatically at the end of each game. In order from one to five these stars denote the following:

  • untouched (never tried)
  • started, but not great
  • decent effort (3 pieces left)
  • not bad (1 remaining piece, not in the center)
  • solved (last piece is in the center)


There are several settings available for the game. You can silence the sound, adjust the selection magnification or reset the solution status for all puzzles. The latter is undoable, so take care with this one. Selection magnification refers to how large the piece you are dragging is getting. On an iOS device someone with bigger fingers might want to set this to the extreme right, so the selected game piece remains visible under one's fingers.


Acrux Staffing


Abercrumbie Group

  • Animated game play
  • Interface sounds
  • Valid move hints
  • Undo move
  • 5 stage solution status per level
  • Hi-res graphics for Retina
  • AbaCruX is localized into Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.