Avast SecureLine VPN For Mac

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Avast SecureLine VPN For Mac
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didn't received any refund.

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Unable to connect on VPN with AVAST SECURE LINE on MAC

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Connecting to Taiwan always leads to somewhere else

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Avast Secureline Vpn Review

Security and privacy with one click


Avast SecureLine is a streamlined VPN available for multiple devices. Like most other VPN (virtual private network) services, Avast offers an added layer of privacy and protection to your data by allowing you to virtually connect to another computer on Avast's secure network. With Avast active you can browse safely while enjoying the added advantage of a sleek and simple user interface.

A streamlined VPN for everyday users

It's a viable choice for VPN novices.

SecureLine VPN just suddenly appeared on my MacBook Pro. I use the free version of Avast Mac Security. I didn't ask for this. I don't think I need it as I only ever use my home router or a Verizon Jetpack when I'm on the road. Download Avast SecureLine VPN for Windows to go private and explore the web however you see fit. Avast SecureLine VPN » Avast SecureLine VPN for Mac (Moderators: krahulik, Juraj (Product Manager), Martin H.) Normal Topic Hot Topic (More than 15 replies). Avast SecureLine VPN Choose a VPN for true online privacy. Advertisers tracking your every move, content blockers making it difficult to view your favorite sites, and hackers diving into your search history and bank accounts on free public Wi-Fi are blocked with Avast’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). Avast SecureLine VPN can also allow you to access websites and services that are geo-blocked or censored, giving you complete access to the true, unfiltered internet and allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows no matter where you live. There’s no better time to ensure your internet is private and unrestrained.

With VPNs becoming more and more popular among internet users, Avast stands out from the crowd as a perfect option for beginners. If you're someone unfamiliar with VPNs, Avast is easily the best option as a first download. Installation is quick and easy. Once installed, it's easy to see that Avast is far more user-friendly than rival programs like StrongVPN. Rather than overloading users with tech jargon or overly-detailed options, Avast uses pull-down menus and checkboxes to quickly connect to servers and activate the service. Once you've done that, you can enjoy Avast's added protection without having to adjust features or worry. You can tweak the settings to your liking by creating preferences such as the server you prefer to connect to, or allowing Avast to run automatically when on unsecured WiFi networks. Avast then runs quietly in the background as you go about your business, and it's easy to forget that the program is even on.

Another added feature that makes Avast perfect for VPN novices is a robust support network. Like most VPNs, the program has a network of support forums that you can use to troubleshoot and explore specific features. If you don't find the answer you're looking for online, however, Avast also has the added benefit of a 24/7 phone support hotline. It's a unique feature that sets Avast apart from other VPN providers like ExpressVPN or StrongVPN. It's an added level of accessibility that is sure to put beginner VPN users at ease.

Though Avast's simplicity and user-friendly interface are its big strengths, those features can also act as disadvantages in some cases. Though the program functions perfectly as a basic VPN, it lacks many additional features commonly offered by other mainstream VPNs. You won't find features like ad-blocking or port forwarding with Avast, but they're essentially standard fare for rivals like Express VPN and even some basic in-browser VPN plugins. Users looking for more than basic browsing won't find that level of functionality in this program.

Avast also falls behind the rest of the crowd when it comes to bandwidth. Avast will significantly slow down your upload and download speeds, using far more bandwidth than other programs such as ExpressVPN. Again, you probably won't notice a difference if you're casually browsing or watching Youtube videos. You'll definitely come up against these speed issues if your someone who regularly uses the net to download or upload large files, or if you're doing serious streaming on sites like Twitch.

Though Avast hosts servers around the globe, it's total list of servers comes up short when compared to rivals. As of now, the program offers a total of 29 servers in 21 different countries. That's certainly a respectable selection, but isn't as plentiful or diverse as the lengthy lists offered by rival services. More servers to choose from means more options if you find yourself stuck on a slow server. Because Avast doesn't offer many alternative servers, this means you might find yourself stuck with a laggy connection and have no way to get around it.

Where can you run this program?


Avast VPN is available on pretty much every device there is. You can download and run Avast on PC, Mac, iOS mobile devices, and Android mobile devices including phones and tablets.

Avast Secureline Vpn Mac Crack

Is there a better alternative?

If you're looking for a no-frills VPN, Avast is your best bet. If you're looking for a VPN with more features, try ExpressVPN. It has the same user-friendly style as Avast but with additional security features for those looking to tweak their experience a little further. If you're looking to go even more in-depth, try StrongVPN. It's a heavy-duty VPN, but isn't the easiest to use or navigate.

Our take

Avast's big advantages lie in its simplicity and ease of use. The easy-to-navigate interface makes Avast a perfect choice for beginner VPN users or casual internet browsers who need an effective VPN without frills or confusing extra features. Users looking for a deeper level of control or more detailed options won't find them in Avast.

Should you download it?

Avast Secureline Vpn License Key For Mac

Yes. Avast is a fantastic program for the everyday user who needs simple and effective security.



  • Slow speeds
  • Few servers

Download Avast Secureline Vpn

Avast SecureLine VPNfor Mac