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Over 600 Million Barcodes Generated Use the CGI form below to generate a printable and scan-able barcode in Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128 A, B, or C symbologies. This free service can be used to generate individual barcodes or called via URL's to include inline PNG or JPEG images directly into your documents. The barcode maker software Barcode Studio creates barcodes as vector/bitmap images or prints simple barcode labels. For all barcodes (linear, 2D barcodes, GS1-DataBar). Barcode Generator Online Label Printing VDA-4902 Shipping Labels QR Code Business Cards. Shopify’s online barcode maker is fast and easy to use. Simply enter your email address and the text or data you want to appear along with your barcode and click Submit. In seconds, you can generate a new barcode that you can download and print. Thank you for using the FREE online 1D barcode generator. IMPORTANT: This barcode generator works best in the Microsoft Edge Browser.After you have created your custom barcode in the Microsoft Edge Broswer, right click on the barcode image and choose ‘Save picture as’ to download a.png image file of your barcode. Free Barcode Generator. Choose the type of code you'd like to make, enter your information, and generate a downloadable barcode and HTML code for free. Call Cognex Sales: +44 121 296 5163.

Scandit Barcode scanning software turns smart devices into high performance and cost-efficient enterprise-grade data capture tools.

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Barcode Generator Instructions

Our barcode generator is a simple tool you can use to create QR, UPC-A, EAN-8, EAN-13, code39, code128 and ITF barcodes. These symbologies cover a broad range of use cases including product identification, logistics, inventory management, procurement and advertising. Use the following instructions to get started:

EAN-13 and UPC-A Barcodes

Create a UPC-A code by entering 12 numeric digits (example: 038678561125). Create a EAN-13 code by entering 13 numeric digits (example: 3033710074365).

EAN-8 Barcode

Create a EAN-8 code by entering 8 numeric digits (example: 30337100).

QR Code

Create a QR code by entering any text or URL (examples: “hello world” or “”). Note that URL’s must start with “http://” to be recognized as such.

ITF Barcode

Create an ITF by entering numeric digits, typically 14 (example: 55867492279103).

Code 39 Barcode

Create code 39 barcodes by entering valid characters: the capital letters A-Z, digits 0-9, and symbols -.$/ %* and space (example: I AM THE NUMBER 1 CODE).

Code 128 Barcode

Barcode generator creator

Barcode Generator Creator App

Create code 128 barcodes by entering any ASCII data (example: Scandit43438!?).