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Bee is a clone with nothing to show for its technology or benefits. Just because some people were wrong about bitcoin does not mean that every crypto will become a success. There were hundreds of crypto scams including the One Coin. Create professional invoices and estimates in minutes! Don’t get stung by having unprofessional invoices. Get straight to the point with Invoice Bee. Invoice on the go. Send invoices whenever and wherever you want with Wave’s free apps for iOS and Android. Instant notification. Know when an invoice is viewed, becomes due, or gets paid, so you can take the right actions to manage your cash flow.

The easiest and most complete invoicing system

Fast & EasyQuickly create invoices

Desktop & Mobile CompatibilityEasily sync data between devices

Supports Recurring InvoicesAutomate sending frequency

Access AnywhereSetting up Web Access

Invoicing TemplatesFree professional templates

Email, Print or FaxEasy customer communication

Easy invoicing software to manage and track your billing on Mac or Windows.
  • Create invoices, quotes and orders quickly
  • Automate recurring invoices and statements
  • Includes professional invoice and quote form templates
Express Invoice lets you create invoices you can print, email or fax directly to clients for faster payment. The reporting functionality allows you to keep track of payments, overdue accounts, sales team performance and more.

Download Express Invoice for Windows

Get it Free. A free version is available for home users or businesses with fewer than 5 staff members. Download the free version here, which does not expire and includes most of the professional version features.

Invoicing Features

  • Easily create invoices, quotes and orders
  • Customize invoices including logo, heading text, notes and more
  • Save or send invoices as PDF files
  • Schedule recurring invoices
  • Supports invoicing for multiple businesses

Access Anywhere

Bee invoicing
  • Email or fax directly from the application
  • Web access lets multiple users within the organization log in securely via your network or the internet
  • Securely access web interface on mobile devices
  • Generate invoices and quotes when you are offline or the internet is down

Additional Features

  • Automatically send statements to customers with overdue payments
  • Supports multiple tax rates for countries where required (e.g. Canada)
  • Reporting includes accounting, salesperson performance, unpaid invoices and more
  • Integrates with Inventoria to maintain inventory data across all aspects of your business

Invoicing Features
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- for Mac
- for iPad/iPhone
- for Android
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The invoice for a subscription in Chargebee is generated at the time of subscription renewal. Invoices can also be generated in advance for an upcoming renewal or set of renewals. With Advance Invoicing Schedules, you can set up a plan for when such advance invoices are generated for the lifetime of the subscription. This helps you:

  • Set up a contract with your customers so that they can be notified of their payment schedules in advance.
  • Allow customers who make offline payments to be alerted about their upcoming dues well ahead of actual subscription renewals.
  • Prevent post-renewal unpaid usage of your services by customers.

Advance invoices can be scheduled in two ways:

Specific Dates Schedule

Advance invoices for a subscription can be scheduled to be generated on specific dates in the future. You must specify the number of billing cycles to be invoiced on each date. A maximum of 5 dates can be specified.

Fixed Interval Schedule

Advance invoices can be scheduled to be generated at fixed intervals of time, where each interval spans the same number of billing cycles of the subscription. The invoice for each interval is generated a specified number of days (days_before_interval) before the start of the interval. You can configure the schedule to end on a certain date or after a specified number of advance invoices have been generated.

Bee Invoicing

The start date of the first interval depends on the number of days remaining from current time till the next renewal of the subscription. If this is more than days_before_interval, the interval begins at the next renewal. On the other hand, if the number of days remaining before the next renewal is less than days_before_interval, the first interval begins at the renewal following the next.

Sample advance invoice schedule [ JSON ]

{ 'id': '__test__KyVkmQSCX2vRK2t', 'object': 'advance_invoice_schedule', 'schedule_type': 'specific_dates', 'specific_dates_schedule': { 'date': 1518339706, 'object': 'specific_dates_schedule', 'terms_to_charge': 2 }}
System-generated and immutable unique Id for the advance_invoice_schedule.
string, max chars=40
The type of advance invoice or advance invoicing schedule.
optional, enumerated string

Bee Invoicing

fixed_intervalsThe advance charges occur at fixed intervals of time.specific_datesThe advance charges occur on specific dates. For each date, a fixed number of billing cycles is charged for. There can be up to 5 dates configured.
When the schedule_type is fixed_intervals, this object gives further details of the schedule.
optional, fixed_interval_schedule
Specifies when the schedule should end.
optional, enumerated string
after_number_of_intervalsAdvance invoices are generated a specified number of times.specific_dateEnd the advance invoicing schedule on a specific date.subscription_endAdvance invoices are generated for as long as the subscription is active.
The number of advance invoices to generate. The schedule is created such that the total number of billing cycles in the schedule does not exceed the remaining_billing_cycles of the subscription. This parameter is applicable only when fixed_interval_schedule[end_schedule_on] = after_number_of_intervals.
optional, integer, min=1
The number of days before each interval that advance invoices are generated.
optional, integer, min=1
The date when the schedule should end. Advance invoices are not generated beyond this date. It must be at least 1 day before the start of the last billing cycle of the subscription and also within 5 years from the current date. This parameter is only applicable when fixed_interval_schedule[end_schedule_on] = specific_date.
optional, timestamp(UTC) in seconds
The date when this advance invoicing schedule was created.
timestamp(UTC) in seconds
The number of billing cycles in one interval.
optional, integer, min=1
The advance charges occur on specific dates. For each date, a fixed number of billing cycles is charged for. There can be up to 5 dates configured.
optional, specific_dates_schedule

Bee Invoicing

The number of billing cycles to charge for, on the date specified. Applicable only when schedule_type is specific_dates.
optional, integer
The unique id of the member of the advance_invoice_schedule array which corresponds to the specific_dates_schedule that you intend to modify. Only applicable when schedule_type is specific_dates.
optional, timestamp(UTC) in seconds
The date when this advance invoicing schedule was created.
timestamp(UTC) in seconds