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About Binfer: Binfer is the next generation of secure communication software that allows messaging, collaboration, file sharing, synchronization and more without storing users’ data on any third party-systems. Binfer creates a dynamic secure connection between the sending and receiving devices and transfers data directly between them. تنزيل TutuApp لاجهزة الكمبيوتر التي تعمل بنظام التشغيل ويندوز Windows بأصدار وحجم 48.5 ميجا. Binfer is a freemium product. Most features can be used for free with some limitations. Plans are designed for personal, professional as well as enterprise use. Custom plans can be created as per your needs. Purchase the Binfer File Sharing And Secure Communication Suite and get your entire office on the same page.

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Binfer is a direct device-to-device data transfer platform that includes File Sharing, Sync, Web Drop, Communication and Private Cloud products. User data is never stored on any third-party servers. Send large files, such as videos, pictures, and documents, quickly and securely to anyone. Receive files with a browser-based Web Drop widget.

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Binfer creates a direct connection between devices instead of storing or transferring data through someone else’s servers, or the cloud. This direct transfer protocol means large files of any size can transfer in half the time of cloud-based platforms. Your data is never uploaded to cloud servers, so you always know where your data lives, and you always have control.

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Binfer will never store or sell your data. Unlike other cloud-based data storage and transfer solutions, your ability to send large files with Binfer file sharing software does not depend on server speed. Files transfer directly from you to the recipient with no uploads or downloads to any third party servers. Plus, your transfers are 100% secure and private.

Our personal data is constantly under attack. A handful of tech companies have detailed information on you, and they use it to pad their bottom lines. Binfer’s private file sharing service provides complete end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption without using the cloud or other servers. A 256-bit encryption is the same encryption level many global banks and government organizations use to secure their systems.

Binfer’s file sync application serves as a simple, cost-effective, and secure replacement for FTPs and scattered e-mail. Binfer uses ‘rules’ to synchronize data between devices, making file sync an automated and simple process. This form of data synchronization eliminates the middleman — cloud and servers — and sends your data where it needs to go — nowhere else. File sync using multiple machines couldn’t be easier.

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Traditional email and chat applications store messages on a central server and then forward them to the intended recipients. Unlike other chat apps, Binfer messages are not stored anywhere and are transferred encrypted to the intended recipient. Since your chat messages are never stored anywhere, you your information will never be leaked. Binfer moves your files directly to the receiver’s device so that whatever you share remains private and secure.

Digital files are getting larger and larger, and there is no easy way to send them. Digital documents are also being produced at an exponential rate, and yet the mechanisms available to share them are severely limited. Binfer makes large file sharing easy for any file type, size or quantity.

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Whether you need to send large files that are sensitive or just routine, Binfer gets the job done by moving the data directly from sender to recipient. There is no limit on the file size you can send or receive. Try Binfer for free.

Binfer’s Web Drop feature allows recipients to not only receive files from you, they can send them back, directly to your computer, without having to install anything or create an account. Users can simply drag and drop the files they want to transfer, and let the app work its magic. There is no need to wait for files to upload to send them. Files are transferred to the recipient in real time.

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Businesses share precious corporate data such as design documents, videos, product specifications, and more with the manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers located in China. These files tend to be massive in size, and it is very hard to send large files to China using email. Businesses can use Binfer to transfer large files to Chinese businesses easily, swiftly, and securely. Binfer file transfers are in complete compliance with the relevant regulations in different regions across the world, including China.