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Bridge Constructor Playground

Bridge Constructor Playground. Simulation ClockStone. VOTE FOR RE-UPLOAD CHANGELOG. Game Items Included. 42.96 MB setupbridgeconstructorplayground1.4. Bridge Constructor Playground offers people of all ages an introduction to the topic of “bridge building”. This game gives you the freedom to let your creative side run riot – nothing is. All of this, paired with a bright and friendly look, makes Bridge Constructor Playground an exciting and also educational experience for the whole family, offering hours of gaming fun. Embed Buttons To promote Bridge Constructor Playground and grow its popularity ( top games ), use the embed code provided on your homepage, blog, forums.

Bridge Constructor
Genre(s)Simulation, puzzle
  • ClockStone (Bridge Constructor Android)
  • Joindots (Playground Wii U)
First releaseBridge Constructor
1 December 2011
Latest releaseBridge Constructor: The Walking Dead
19 November 2020

Here you are free to do as you please - build and construct to your heart’s desire! Experienced players will also enjoy the challenges of attaining the new badge system. Meet the requirements and earn all 5 badges for building each bridge. Build and construct to your heart’s desire! - BRIDGE CONSTRUCTOR: Playground.

Bridge Constructor is a series of physics-based simulation-puzzle video games developed by ClockStone and published by Headup Games. While themes and elements change across the series, each game is based on planning out a bridge across a river or ravine using a number of parts, limited by the geometry of the space and the total cost of the parts. The goal for each scenario is to make sure that one or more vehicles driving across the bridge can reach the other side safely.


The GIF image that was posted to Reddit that led to the success of Bridge Constructor in North America. It shows the typical gameplay of the series, having constructed a bridge to the stage's limitations by testing that bridge by setting a vehicle (in this case, a tanker-truck) across it.

The first Bridge Constructor game, eponymous to the series, was released for Microsoft Windows on 1 December 2011.[1] While it was generally successful in Europe and topped the app charts there, it didn't really catch on in North America until after a Reddit post by a player of the game within the 'GamePhysics' subforum in March 2014. The post showed a GIF-image of a truck just making it across a bridge as it was collapsing underneath it. This created a large interest in the title, resulting it being the top paid iOS within 10 days of the image's posting. Headup Games took initiative to offer sales on the game and cross-promote the other titles in the series. With the boost in North America, the game saw over 27 million free and paid downloads, and a 'good seven-digit figure' in paid sales by March 2014, according to Gregor Ebert of Headup Games.[2]

ConstructorBridge Constructor Playground


Bridge Constructor (2011)[edit]

Bridge Constructor Playground (2012)[edit]

Bridge Constructor Medieval (2013)[edit]


Bridge Constructor Stunts (2015)[edit]

Bridge Constructor Portal (2017)[edit]

Bridge Constructor Portal was announced in December 2017, for release on mobile and personal computers later that same month, and for consoles in 2018. Developed under license from Valve, the game sets challenges in the Aperture Laboratory facilities from the Portal series, under the watchful eye of the artificial intelligence GLaDOS. The game will use the same core gameplay of Bridge Constructor, but add in elements from Portal such as the wormhole-like portals, turrets, and other features.[6][7]

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead (2020)[edit]

Bridge constructor playground bridge 3

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead was announced in August 2020 at Gamescom and released on November 19, 2020.[8][9]


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