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#CamTwist4Macs #CamTwistStudio #LearnCamTwist #CamTwist101Music: Nowhere by IksonJoin the 'VIPKID Google Slides Group (Official)' on Facebook for thousands o. Open CamTwist, go to the Preferences. Menu, and select the General tab; Select Custom from the Video Size select list, and enter 1920x1080 as the resolution (This is so that no scaling is required when the 1080p desktop is captured.) Open CamTwist, from Video Sources select Display, then click on the Select button. I have installed CamTwist on my MacBook (mid-2015 - Retina display). Now every app uses that by default. I want the default webcam to be the FaceTime HD camera installed in my MacBook. CamTwist is an intuitive application for Apple computers that lets you easily produce amazing looking shows as it bundles a large number of video effects you can apply to your camera feed. The program has two main work areas – the Effects window.

I installed this plugin 'CamTwist' (I don't even remember why at this point) and it has been harder to eradicate than a virus. After trying many different things it still causes me problems. For example it's still selectable as a input device on many programs such as skype. Sometimes it auto selects itself and whenever it's selected it produces a blank screen or a bunch of garbage input.

Can anyone tell me how to completley remove it once and for all?

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Posted on May 13, 2014 12:37 PM