Computer Animated Pixels

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Your screen resolution is the number of pixels that your monitor displays. The number is generally expressed as Width x Height (e.g., 1920px x 1080px). More pixels usually means clearer text and images. This obsidian black machine packs quite good features for its price and size. It is a good family laptop, but more so, its features support artwork like animation and graphic design. Key Features Of The Acer Aspire E. LED-lit display technology in 1920 by 1080 resolution for the widescreen measuring 15.6 inches.

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When optimizing a website, it is best practice to use as few resources as necessary without compromising quality. This improves your site load time, and as a result, your user’s experience is improved, which Google likes!


When you’re adding images to a website, it is best to make the file sizes precisely the size you need. If your image is being displayed at 700×500 @ 72 PPI it doesn’t make sense to display it as a 6000×6000 300 DPI image. It can be time-consuming to compress your images properly, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. We use a website called to compress our images when we are doing web design.


4' x 6'334×4321391×1800
5' x 7'360×4661500×1941
8' x 10'576×7452400×3106
8.5' x 11'612×7922550×3300
11' x 14.235'792×10253300×4271
18.544' x 24'1335×17285563×7200



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When creating a billboard image, it is important to realize a couple of factors:

Billboards are typically not viewed up close, and creating a resolution of 72000 x 93182 pixels at 300 PPI is not practical for several reasons.

  • Most rendering engines will cap out around 10000 x 10000 pixels
  • Design programs like Photoshop may run out of memory at such a size
  • The final file size will be around 20 gigs

All of this makes the previously mentioned standards for print impossible. With this, the question arises, what is the best file resolution for large-scale printing projects?

Computer Animated Pixels

The answer to this is working in high PPI and scaling that back once the image is ready for print.

Animated pixel art

For example, you would start by creating an image in as high of a resolution as practicable, like 8000 x 8000 @ 400 PPI.

This would technically give you excellent quality at 20 inches x 20 inches, which can be used for proofing or alternate marketing material.

Once the image has been finalized, you scale the PPI from 400 to 40.

The image should now be suitable for 20′ x 20′ at 40 PPI, which is an acceptable resolution for a billboard-sized image. Because billboards are likely to be viewed from further away, your need for a tighter pixel grid is reduced.

Image Resolution for texturing 3d objects

When it comes to texturing a three-dimensional object, it is essential to consider what the final resolution will be in relation to where the object will sit compared to the camera. For example, if the resolution of the image will be 1028x1028 pixels and the texture of the object takes up 100% of the screen, you would want at the very least 1028x1028 texture size. With that in mind, it is relatively easy to estimate the appropriate texture size you will need based on this. (Final image resolution x (screen % or estimated proximity to camera)

Keep in mind textures occupy a 3D space, so you must factor in the closest element of the texture to the camera when considering the texture resolution to avoid a drop in texture quality.

Computer Animated Pixels Png

For more 3d texturing information, please view our 3D Texturing Guide and Tutorial.

Megapixel Calculator: Calculate Image Dimensions, Resolution And File Sizes

If you are a fan of computer animation, here are two videos to check out. The first video, “Maestro,” is the finished product, a moonlit scene in which a squirrel conducts a chorus of turtles, frogs, hedgehogs, and other woodland animals:

Flash Megapixel Calculator: Calculate Image Dimensions, DPI And File Sizes, Storage.

“Maestro” was made by the French studio Bloom Pictures. The second video, below, gives you some glimpses behind the scenes. How did their team make their digital animals so life-like? Here are some answers. You can see how, for example, the squirrel is animated first as a skeleton, with the body and finally the fur being added later. An amazing process!

Animated Pixel Art

(The music is from Vincenzo Bellini’s opera Norma. In the original, the powerful priestess Norma (played here by the bird) urges the Gauls (the chorus of animals) to make war against the invading Romans. (Asterix fans will be familiar with the situation.))