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  2. ECore is a cooperative arrangement among SACSCOC-accredited institutions of the University System of Georgia (USG) to offer online general education courses. ECore courses are taught by instructors from USG institutions and are transferable within the USG, as well as to most regionally accredited schools.
  3. The base classes are equivalent in power to the core classes. Game Masters are encouraged to allow players to choose freely from these classes, but each GM must make a personal decision about what is and isn’t allowed in his campaign, and the relative prevalence of such character classes in his or her world.

Prerequisites to courses

Complete your core classes online in 1 year. Jumpstart Your Degree. Every college degree from a public university in the state of Texas has the same Core Curriculum requirements. The Core is designed to provide a solid foundation for your college education and to make transfers to other schools as smooth as possible. All of these transferable. Core Classes Courses listed below reflect DMACC core courses that ​transfer to Iowa State University, University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa and other private institutions. The DMACC course catalog lists more course offerings that may also transfer to your desired transfer institution and program.

It is the student's responsibility to complete the proper prerequisites to courses; they are listed in the MBA Brochure, the Graduate Catalog, and on the course schedule. For course descriptions and prerequisites, please see the Graduate Catalog.

Required Courses


ACCT 5121 – Financial Accounting and Reporting

ACCT 5123 – Cost Analysis and Control (ACCT 5121)


BADM 5103* – Statistics and Spreadsheet Modeling for Business

BLAW 5175 – Business, Law, and Ethics in Modern Society

FNCE 5101 – Financial Management (ACCT 5121 and BADM 5103 or OPIM 5103)


Core Classes Nyu

FNCE 5151 – Introduction to Economics, Financial Markets, and Information

Core Classes In High School

MGMT 5138 – Managing Organizations

MGMT 5650 – Interpersonal Relations, Influence, and Ethical Leadership (MGMT 5138)

MGMT 5800 – Strategy, Policy, and Planning (Capstone: open only to MBA students who have completed at least 42 credits including MGMT 5138)

MKTG 5115 – Marketing Management

OPIM 5110 – Operations Management (BADM 5103 or OPIM 5103)

OPIM 5185 – Introduction to Data Analytics and Management Information Systems (BADM 5103 or OPIM 5103)

*If a student has a concentration in Business Analytics and successfully completes OPIM 5272 and OPIM 5603, then BADM 5103 is waived and substituted with an elective course

What Are Core Classes

Students who were matriculated before Fall 2018 will follow the previous Plan of Study unless otherwise discussed with a PMBA Advisor.