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jQuery Date Range Picker is a jQuery plugin that allows user to select a date range.

Requires jQuery 1.7+ (MIT LICENSE), Moment 2.8.1+ (MIT LICENSE).

Supports IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other standard HTML5 browsers.

Autocad custom shortcuts

Supports multi-language, you can choose a defined language or set it to auto-detect mode.
You can also define new languages for it.

The HTML DOMs generated is fully CSS styled, you can change the skin by editting the CSS file easily.

Custom Shortcuts In Excel

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  1. Default settings: Show Config
  2. Default settings with time enabled: Show Config
  3. Default settings with default start/end time value: Show Config
  4. Default settings with default value: Show Config
  5. Force to Chinese: Show Config
  6. Force to English: Show Config
  7. Use custom language: Show Config
  8. Select a date range after 2014-11-20: Show Config
  9. Limit date range selected between 3 days to 7 days: Show Config
  10. Select a date range between 2013-01-10 to 2013-02-10: Show Config
  11. Select a date range between 3 days and 7 days: Show Config
  12. Set start of week to Monday: Show Config
  13. Use SPAN instead of INPUT: selectShow Config
  14. Use two inputs: to Show Config
  15. Use another date format: Show Config
  16. Use future date shortcuts: Show Config
  17. Use past date shortcuts: Show Config
  18. Use custom shortcuts: Show Config
  19. Use custom values: Show Config
  20. Auto-close after selection: Show Config
  21. In-line mode: Show Config
  22. Single Date mode: Show Config
  23. Single Date mode with single month: Show Config
  24. Batch mode ( week ): Show Config
  25. Batch mode ( week-range ): Show Config
  26. Disable some dates: Show Config
  27. Control by script:
    Show Config
  28. Sticky months: Show Config
  29. Use custom top bar: Show Config
  30. Different class names of first and second selected dates: Show Config
  31. Hide hovering tooltip: Show Config
  32. Customize hovering tooltip: Show Config
  33. Extra content on calendar: Show Config
  34. Single Month Mode: Show Config
  35. Show Week Numbers: Show Config
  36. Show Week Numbers (start from monday): Show Config
  37. Show Week Numbers ( support fiscal year, start from 2015-08-16): Show Config
  38. Select forward: Show Config
  39. Select backward: Show Config
  40. Typical usage, hotel booking: Show Config
  41. Custom open/close animation: Show Config
  42. Custom arrow symbol: Show Config
  43. Month and year select: Show Config
  44. Month and year select with year range by array: Show Config
  45. Month and year select with year range by function: Show Config
  46. Month and year select min and max dates: Show Config


The default configuration object is:

You can use the following keys in the configObject to overwrite the default configuration:


events will be triggerred on the date range picker DOM

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This date range picker plugin is under MIT LICENSE.