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ClueGO is a Cytoscape plug-in that visualizes the non-redundant biological terms for large clusters of genes in a functionally grouped network. The identifiers can be uploaded from a text file or interactively from a network of Cytoscape. The type of identifiers supported can be easily extended by the user.

MCL in Cytoscape can show the 'inter-cluster' connecting edges, which is the egdes that was perturbed during clustering. This last option is a combination of the two others. It will be visually close to the clustered network, but algorithms that run on the network with inter- cluster edges will have the same result as the network only. 而cytoscape不一样,它的插件安装非常简单!非常简单!非常简单! 你只需要去cytoscape的APP中心找到包,如果你打开了cytoscape的界面,那么网页就会有install的字样,非常显眼,点击就自动安装了,这个时候会安装到.

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