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Data rescue is the process of securing data at risk of being lost due to deterioration or simple obsolescence of the storage media, natural hazards, theft or vicious destruction, and ensuring that data can be easily accessed and used.

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Comment by Binary

You receive the first card from the wandering elite mobs in the upper level outside of the instance.
Place that card in the card reader outside of the instance. (Run over to the west and get Techbot's brain while you're here).
Each card reader gives you the card needed for the next reader.
The remaining card readers are located inside the instance.
These are all of the translated messages from the five punch cards as well as all the machines:
Tell your friends to play WoW
Play the Warcarft roleplaying game
Kiss me, I'm gnomish!
The Lich King lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gnomeregan forever!
How am I driving?
<insert funny message here>
Thrall and Jaina sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
If you can read this, you're standing too close
The gnome king wears night elf underwear
Help! I'm trapped in a binary punch card factory!
Message to Castpipe: your laundry's ready for pickup.

Comment by 32828

White Punch Card - Drops randomly from a mob outside the instance.
Yellow Punch Card - Use an 'A' machine near Techbot (Outside the instance)
Blue Punch Card - Use the 'B' machine just past the Clean Room (Inside)
Red Punch Card - Use the 'C' machine on Electrocutioner 6000's Platform (Inside)
Prismatic Punch Card - Use the 'D' machine below Crowd Pummeler 9-60 (Inside)

Comment by 87721

You do not need to have completed the 'Castpipe's Task' Quest to pick this one up. Its a nice direction pointer for those that start out in the Night Elf Starting area, but is not required to obtain this quest.

Comment by 122011

once you get the white card.
you go back outside the instance and then
continue going straight until you hit the wall
and the first machine 3005A is to the left on a circle
it then gives yout he yellow punch card
and you need to fine 3005 B.
go inside instance and then go straight make
left and pass the first coridor into the second one on the left.
then go down to the right and its the clean zone
once u go out of clean zone in the downstairs area.
youll see the B machine. you get blue punch card.
you continue down to the left. going into
a circle like room stay on left wall continue down until you go into the
next hallway to the left. continue all the way down u will
enter another circle room. and you want to take a left and go down until
you reach the center area where the boss is
this is where C machine is. thus giving u the red card.
next to get to D.
continue around the circle you'll see the corridor you took to
enter here pass that and take the next left.
u follow it down until u reach the bottom of the circle area u just where in.
you take a left and go down the next area
as u go u can head straight to the final boss
or take a left.
you take a left to get to the D machine. and im pretty sure you can
figure out the rest from there.. as to where its at and such.
enter red card
u get prismatic punch card.

Comment by littlidabbi

You go through Gnomeregan, slaying leper gnomes, troggs and crazed gnomes who think you're troggs. You loot cards and locate protected machines, slowly working your way up each machine until you finally have the last card...
Only to let the Quest giver know his laundry is ready for pickup.

Comment by 49861

Does not count toward Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms.

Comment by Jubjub

If you are not on the quest, i would advise that you still got all the cards. I was on my paladin (level 21) looted all these cards without the quest and was able to turn in once i got to 25 and took the quest. Also, they do not take up 4 slots in bag anymore, only 1. When you use a new punch machine, the new card will replace the one in your bag.

Comment by 293778

i just need to know where in a round about area you find each card...i know what card goes to what just need to know locations of each cards...i have the first two: yellow and white.

Comment by 331364

As of March 11, 2009 this does not count towards Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms. It does, however, count towards The Seeker.

Comment by 298858

Confirmed 17-may-09 it DOES count toward Loremaster of Eastern Kiingdoms

Comment by kgurnhill

No one has said this yet, but you DONT need to be on this quest to get hte Prismatic Punchcard! :D
I learned this by going to gnomer myself, picked up the white card did the deed and what have you, got the prismatic THEN picked up the quest! :)
Was rep grinding for the Mechano-strider :) hehe
Hmm.... Downrated for entirely accurate information?.... Thats normal i guess -.-

Comment by 469772

here is an easy to follow walkthrough for this quest, maps and pinpointed puch card upgrade locations included. :)

Comment by 180617

wow, such stupid information here. Can someone actually give some useful information please? Like where the last two cards drop? I have the white one and yellow one, I need the other two!

Comment by 304393

Soloable as a 28 rogue. Watch out for the Mobile Alert Systems as they see through stealth.

Comment by kgurnhill

You DONT have to be on the quest to pick up the white punch card - you can get the card THEN go accept the quest/hand in the quest isnt required to use the terminals used to make it into a higher Level Card either.
Before i get downrated/Purged AGAIN... i would like to add that i went and picked up the item MYSELF - not an ouside source... so im 100% certain on this one...
Feel free - Downrate as happened last time i posted this..... i just wanna say - GO TEST YOURSELF to those that would downrate this
As you can see ive been downrated too many times even tho the information im posting is 100% accurate - and verified myself!

Comment by LipsSewnShut

550 xp at lvl 69 (Human).

Comment by igeosodtware

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This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.Bring a Prismatic Punch Card to Master Mechanic Castpipe in Ironforge.
Prismatic Punch Card (1)


When we fled Gnomeregan, we left so much data behind! Vitally important data!
I need the data on a prismatic punch card, from a Matrix Punchograph 3005-D high security terminal, deep in Gnomeregan. You must access the terminal, but to do that you first need clearance... and to get that you must access lower security terminals-- models -A, -B and -C. And to do THAT you need security punch cards, starting with white... and we left all the punch cards in the city.
It's a catastrophe! Can you help?


Do you have the prismatic punch card??


You did it! You found the prismatic punch card and recovered the lost data! Vitally, critically, immeasurably important data that we could not live another moment without!
Your service to the gnomes will be long remembered, <name>.


You will receive:
Repairman's CapeMechanic's Pipehammer


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 500 reputation with Gnomeregan



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