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Ultra! Premiere

Editor’s note: This site appears to have been removed from Elarel as of 3/29/2016.

Editor’s note: Digging through the EVElopedia on a completely unrelated (though nearby) site lead me to the entry I’ve linked to below which demonstrates that my previous entry on Ultra Premier was, umm, entirely wrong. Rather than attempting to tweak the old version, I have decided to revamp it entirely to bring it in line with new information. The old entry will remain up, but all links will point to this entry.

The Professor moves in to investigate the small nebula

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I suppose I was a bit of a fool for thinking that anything in New Eden could come about from anything other than violence. Either the violence of nature or the violence of my fellow man, it seems that most things of beauty are formed in the midst of violence. I had to wonder why that was. Perhaps it was the passion inherent in the violence that produced it. Be it planetary collisions or vast battles of ships of the line, there is an inherent and primal beauty in destruction, much as I hate to admit it. Even the most seemingly tranquil places today are often formed in the heat of battle.


And so it was with the cryptically named Ultra Premiere. With little more than a beacon and some sparkly clouds, it’s unsurprising that the history surrounding this tragic site has been lost in the five years since the site was created. Indeed, but for a surprisingly well kept historical reference guide, the history of the site might have been lost forever. It was a tad odd that the beacon at the site had no accompanying information in the broadcast. CONCORD’s historical arm was usually fairly good on giving at least some hint to the history of the site. On this, however, CONCORD has decided to stay silent.


Elarel seen through the haze of the nebula

The origins of the site date back to early YC 106. Quafe, that omnipresent soft drink giant, had just released its newest product, Quafe Ultra, in the midst of a massive PR binge. Apparently Quafe does nothing halfheartedly. Instead of doing the standard PR of commercials and other standard advertisements (those billboards at stargates being a bit too low brow for this campaign, apparently) Quafe decided to up the bar. Beyond standard campaign materials, Quafe began a full frontal assault, using every power it had at its disposal as a central player in the Gallente cultural zeitgeist. Holo stars. Video games. Even an entire holo dedicated to how amazing the drink is. And the public ate it up (or drank it, as the case may be). Ultra! was a box office success the likes of which have rarely been seen.

Ultra Premier hangs against the inky backdrop of space.

To capitalize on the box office success (more so than it already had), Quafe decided that a gala was needed to celebrate. Why Quafe decided to put the gala in the Rent-a-Dream Gardens in Elarel – an out of the way and, more importantly, low security status system – is beyond me. Perhaps CONCORD could have prevented the tragedy (though given CONCORD’s more reactionary character, perhaps this is just wishful thinking). In any case, during the height of the gala, attended by not only the stars from the holo but President Foiritan himself, disaster struck in the form of a group named UDI- United against Decadence and Impurity. They raided the Gardens, and killed a number of famous celebrities, and barely missed killing President Foiritan himself. It was a galling and daring attack.

But this is not the first run in that Quafe or the Federation have had with UDI. Contact dates back at least two years prior, always the proverbial thorn in Quafe’s side. Apparently comprised of hardliner Caldari and Amarr patriots, the group seemed dedicated to wiping out consumerism and capitalism as we know it… a surprising perspective given the Caldari’s background. But it is not my job to wonder why on this sort of thing.

Ela Released Questions

This is the only structure that remains at the site. The Rent-a-Dream Gardens are nowhere to be found

In any case, all that remains now is a slowly dissipating nebula surrounding the now-demolished Gardens. Presumably, Rent-a-Dream was unable to recover from the attacks and the building was quickly taken down. The nebula, surprisingly close to Elarel, creates a rather stunning backdrop, casting a gentle golden light around the entire area, diffusing Elarel’s shine. Professor Science had no trouble identifying the various remaining chemicals and debris surrounding the site. Given the beauty of the site, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that it was born under fire.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Ultra Premier
  • System: Elarel
  • Security Rating: 0.4
  • Region: Everyshore
  • Potential Hazards: Getting to Elarel involves low sec travel. Pirates and gate camps should be expected. A cov ops or other cloaking ship is recommended.

Elar Elettronica Snc

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