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  1. Duncan Ball (born February 1941) is an American-born Australian author who has written the children's series Selby (about a talking dog named Selby who tries to keep his secret away from his owners) and Emily Eyefinger (about a girl who has an eye on her finger).
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EyeSpy is an eyetracking tool especially developed for smartphone appearances, like apps, web apps, mobile websites or mobile ads. We use EyeSpy to get real-time feedback on how mobile users look at a mobile screen. The results of multiple users will be aggregated.






About Us

Founded in 2012, we at EyeSpy Innovations Ltd. are a privately held company, headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada. Specialists in tracking technologies, we have developed products to continuously monitor the location and trajectory of important assets and individuals. Law Enforcement and Security agencies in North America recognize us as a world leader in IoT tracking solutions. Intelligence divisions using our products have reported a 100% stolen property recovery rate and 80% arrest rate, while simultaneously reducing their cost by up to $3,000 per deployment.

VantagePoint is a user-friendly web application that provides the power of monitoring one or multiple tracking devices. An individual, business, or organization is able to easily and cost-effectively view the location of their assets. The on-board controls dictate how the device performs and allows for a customizable user experience. Our CEDAR (Covert Electronic Device for Asset Recovery) tracking devices are specially disguised for surveillance and intelligence operations. They can also track equipment or high-valued assets during overseas shipping and international transport. Used as stationary security units, they can protect and recover valuable merchandise from theft.

We at EyeSpy Innovations work to give our customers the advantage they deserve.


New power saver mode dramatically extends battery life, enabling select batteries to last up to 1.5 years
on a single charge. This is up to 300% longer than the competition.

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Now compatible with state-of-the-art Very High Frequency (VHF) radio beacon antenna and receiver developed by Loen Engineering Inc. for use by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This will allow law enforcement agencies to utilize drone technology to track and locate EyeSpy tracking devices with unprecedented accuracy.

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Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) data allows users to encrypt individual tracking devices which means the encryption key chosen by the user never passes through the EyeSpy servers. All device location data is locked when stored on our servers or transmitted over the networks, and only unlocked at the browser level when the user enters their key on VantagePoint.

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Wireless charging capabilities available for a variety of stock and custom devices, including bait novelty packaging and embedded sensors that are ideal for covert tracking and other specialty use. Added benefits of being dust and water proof makes our technology robust, durable, and ideal for just about any situation.

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Our customer response team is comprised of experienced technical specialists. You can count on us.

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Eyespy Border Collies

3 easy steps to track and recover your assets
With VantagePoint, you have the advantage every time

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