Full Deck Solitaire

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Download Full Deck Solitaire for Windows 10 for Windows to designed by a Solitaire loving Mom and Daughter, Full Deck Solitaire is a beautiful card game with an easy to use user interface. Hold on to your ear muffs because this Klondike Solitaire is a blizzard of card game fun! 1 Card 1 Pass Klondike Solitaire is a super tough version of classic solitaire, player must have true solitaire gumption to with this free online game!

6 July 2017

Full deck solitaire montana strategy


4 July 2017

it good game

25 June 2017

There are no ads to slow to slow down the game. So far there is nothing that I don't like. Yeah !!!!

21 June 2017

like everything about this app

20 June 2017

like the red indicator that tells no more plays. Don't like the time it takes to load.

11 June 2017

After winning, could use some visual stimulation. Otherwise, a great game.

7 June 2017

Slow, sometimes no response to click or responds inappropriately. Game choice menu needs to be revamped completely. Some of the ' New' games are old games with slight changes. Anxious to try it again after improvements.

Full Deck Solitaire Montana Strategy

4 June 2017

this is truly one magnificent solitaire game, well thought out, with all of the bells and whistles-thank you-ron m.

3 June 2017

Fun, Enjoyable & Easy! Take Your Mind of Your Cares & Enjoy a Good Game!

18 May 2017

This is a terrific solitaire game. The graphics are good, I love the colors! And the choices for the cards! It is my 'go to' game for relaxation and stress reduction!!! Do not have anything negative to say!

Full Deck Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire (Draw One)

The goal of Klondike is to move all cards into the 4 foundation piles in the top right. Each foundation may only hold ordered cards of the same suit, from Ace (lowest) to King (highest).

The 7 'tableaux' piles at the bottom accept cards stacked by alternating colors (red/black), and are ordered from King (highest) to Ace (lowest). You may move cards between tableau piles, or to a foundation from the tableaux.

Full Deck Solitaire Freecell

The top left face-down pile of cards is your deck. Click on the deck to draw a card to the 'waste' pile; from there it may be dragged to a foundation or tableau pile. Once the deck is empty, you may recycle the waste pile by clicking the empty deck section.

For more information, see this wikipedia article.