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GeoExpert is an educational tool in the form of a game, designed to help you learn geography including ALL of the countries in the world. It is rigorously accurate, and we maintain it up to date. GeoExpert is an educational tool in the form of a game, designed to help you learn geography including ALL of the countries in the world. It is rigorously accurate, and we maintain it up to date with the latest information. Because of this, it is used in various schools to teach geography. Games included: - Countries & Territories. GeoExpert. ჯეოექსპერტი. 283 likes 2 talking about this.

GeoExpat hosts Hong Kong's most helpful expat community, busiest classifieds and provides extensive guides and resources for both new and old expats in Hong Kong. GeoXpert offers an ideal platform for sharing and collaborating on our processed drone data sets with our clients.

Hybrid seismic surveying is instrumental for a preliminary geotechnical assesssment of the subsoil with infrastructural projects.

Key benefits

  • Be aware of all hazards related to geologically unstable areas
  • No costly bore holes required or slash the number of boreholes by drilling at meaningful locations only
  • Detection of faults and decompaction zones
  • Assessment of mechanical rock properties
  • Recognition of karstified zones
  • Delineation of the bedrock surface
  • Area-wide investigation
  • Environmentally friendly – no or negligible field and crop damage
  • Applicable also in urban areas
  • Fast field data acquisition, daily progress 1 – 2 km
  • Readily available evaluation results within 2 – 3 days


Example 1: Road bypass tunnel project

Area wide hybrid seismic survey using five profiles for optimal positioning of the tunnel:


Interpreted hybrid seismic section (line 13KITZ-5 in red) clearly maps the bedrock surface and was used for the positioning of various boreholes:Download high resolution version

Example 2: Early structural investigation of the subsurface for the extension of a motorway by one lane

Detailed survey in the region east of Basel (Switzerland) known for its wide spread karst leaching features:

P-wave velocity field derived by analytic refraction tomography inversion allowed the detection of ongoing karst leaching in a 90 m long and up to 35 m high dissolution zone with the potential of a developing, and eventually capsizing cavity:
Download high resolution version

Example 3: Geotechnical dam site investigation in Turkey using p- and s-wave seismic data surveying


Situation map of the seismic profiles:

High resolution hybrid seismic survey using p- & s-wave refraction tomography with a non-intrusive derivation of spatially continuous dynamic elasticity moduli (Young’s modulus E, shear modulus G & Poisson’s ratio):

Engineering geology references (345)

Purpose-Built Payload Options

There are two Falcon 8 models to choose from depending on your application:

  • GeoEXPERT – Payload includes a high-resolution RGB camera (Sony Alpha 7R) for small survey, modelling and mapping projects.
  • InspectionPRO – Payload consists of an RGB camera and IR sensor (Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ71 + FLIR TAU 640) for inspection and monitoring applications.

A Sony Camcorder HDR-PJ810 can optionally be added to either the GeoEXPERT or InspectionPRO for live videography.

Ease of Use

The most frequently used features are implemented in the Mobile Ground Station firmware-enabling operation without the need for a PC in the field. Automatic compensations are made for heavy wind gusts or other events, which minimizes the need for pilot corrections.

Designed for Stability

Take off from any location and be able to work even in heavy winds – the Falcon 8 is resistant to magnetic interferences and temperature variations.

Built-in Failsafes

With many levels of built-in redundancies – three autopilots, redundant electronics, a redundant propulsion system, and redundant radio links – the Falcon 8 ensures top performance, precision and safety.

Top Quality Data

Using best-in-class sensors and a camera mount compensating for abrupt maneuvers, the Falcon 8 delivers incredibly detailed survey and inspection data – revealing the finest cracks and heat leaks.

Easy Payload Swap

When applications change and an alternate payload is needed, simply remove the current and insert the other.

Falcon 8 GeoEXPERT

  • Efficient dam and wall survey
  • Monument monitoring
  • Geodata capture and analysis
  • Vegetation control
  • Mining surveys
  • Archeology and geology
  • 3D terrain modeling
  • Inventory analysis
  • Building surveys
  • Volume surveys
  • Contruction progress and mapping

Falcon 8 InspectionPRO


  • Bridge and inspection survey
  • Onshore and offshore inspections
  • Windpark inspection
  • Visual inspection of structural integrity
  • Industrial indoor/outdoor inspection
  • Solar park inspection
  • Structural condition assessment operations

Geoexpert - World Geography

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