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TopFreeGame( collects free flash games. Games can be played instantly for free. Oct 07, 2019 Go for the juggler. I was shocked when I found out my toaster was not waterproof. My wife told me she’ll slam my head into the keyboard if I don’t get off. Obtained by receiving the /laugh emote 200 times (hidden deed: Juggler). Only increments 5 times per day. Firebreath - You light a torch and spit (harmless) fire in front of you. You perform a fire-breathing act! You perform a fire-breathing performance for! Obtained by receiving the /cheer emote 100 times (hidden deed: Fire-breather. The examples below demonstrate the relationship between bit depth and image quality. We’ve taken a small detail of our favorite robot juggler illustration and exported it out at various color depths. The changes will be most obvious in the color gradations of the hat.

Sizer is a utility to resize windows to exact dimensions. It is used by web designers, technical authors, developers and minecraft players, to exert control over where and how big application windows should be.

Preview releases of Sizer 4.0 (the latest version) are available. This version is designed to run on Windows 10 and 64 bit systems.

JuggleSaver is a screensaver for Windows that uses OpenGL to animate juggling patterns in 3D. The code is old and doesn't work very well on modern computers.

A WebGL version of the simulator is also is available that runs on most modern browsers.

Recreations of the Toss Up (aka Ball) handheld game that was the first in the Game & Watch series. The HTML 5 version can be played inside modern browsers.

Hot Key Plus is a tiny program that allows you to use a keyboard shortcut to run a command or application. Other programs do the same and more (like AutoHotKey) but some people like the simplicity and compactness of HKP.

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Information about some old programs:

  • Palm Easter is a PalmOS program to calculate when Easter Sunday falls for a given year.
  • Palm Biorhythms is a PalmOS program to calculates Biorhythms for you and your friends.
  • Saver Starter is a Windows program to activitate a screensaver when the mouse is in a hot corner. Was originally a companion utility for JuggleSaver. Only works on the primary monitor of a multi-montior system.
Word Juggler
Original author(s)Tim Gill
Developer(s)Quark, Inc.
Operating systemApple SOS, ProDOS
PlatformApple IIc, IIe, III
TypeWord processor

Word Juggler was a word processor application by Quark, Inc. for the Apple IIe, IIc, and III computers.[1] Until the release of AppleWorks, Word Juggler was the leading word processor on the IIe and IIc, beating out Apple Writer.[1] The software was copy protected with a hardware dongle.[1]

It was one of the first software titles to use ProDOS.[1]

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The software was well received and was considered easy to learn and master.[1][2][3]

Keyboard juggling playing song

The software also came with a dictionary/spell checker called Lexicheck which was also well received.[1]

Apple III version[edit]

The software was the first commercially available word processor for the Apple III and featured formatting commands such as margin settings, centering, justification, bold, underlined, subscript, superscripts, doublestrike, titles, footnotes, and page numbers.[4] The program was also able to use the Apple III redefinable keyboard to provide single-stroke editor commands (such as find, delete character, delete line, and so forth).[2]

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The Apple III version made use of the full 80 column display, and could support 1210 lines with 128K memory, or 806 lines with 96k memory.[4]

The Apple III version supported printing with Qume, Diablo, and Xerox printers.[4]

For the Apple III version which came on a single diskette with a backup copy and instruction manual, the MSRP was US$295.[2][4]


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Keyboard Jiggler

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