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Dear Knotes user, your Knotes 1.6.0 release was just delivered!

Version 1.6.0 - 11/11/2018


What’s new 🆕:


In media's words You can access your Kindle highlights from your Kindle itself, the apps, or the web app, but none of those are particularly handy, especially if you use your Kindle for research. Knotes makes it easier to access those notes right from your Mac. RAYMOND - In his last will and testament, James McClintock wanted to leave his home to his dog, Sissy. The dog, McClintock wrote, was a 'wonderful pet, who has been a faithful companion.

  • Change the library location in Preferences, you can change to a Dropbox or any other cloud drive to keep your data sync between devices.
  • Hide/Unhide the book cover as you like. Just hover on the book cover and click.


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What’s fixed 🐛:

  • Fixed the bug that MyClippings.txt will be overwritten by default. If your have already been overwritten, check all the checkbox in Preferences -> Write back to Kindle, and then press sync.

Dropbox/Google Drive/One Drive/iCloud Sync

Knotes 1.6.0 provides the ability to change your data library location which enables us to sync data between devices using cloud drive like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

It as easy as two steps:

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Knotes Linux

  1. Open preferences, in General tab, change library path to a cloud drive folder.

    Then your data is stored in cloud now.