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  2. MarginNote has come through sparklingly and I don’t find it too complicated. The downside to MarginNote in my opinion is its rigidity. A mind map should be freely arrangeable and I do have iThoughts for that (and MN exports to iThoughts with links even).

ShareLaTeX guides

MarginNote also supports capturing all or parts of web pages as part of the “study” workspace, handwritten notes, comments nested inside other comments, links between comments, etc. It is a very robust study/research environment.

LaTeX Basics

Marginnote 2


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Document structure






Field specific

Class files

Margin notes provide complementary information to support the main document, or can be used for additional notes while working on a collaborative project. This article explains how to use margin notes in your L a T e X document.



L a T e X provides a native command to add margin notes to your document

Marginnote Apk

The text inside the braces of marginpar{ } is printed in the right or outer margin of the page.

The marginnote package

For more flexible margin notes the package marginnote can be used

The package geometry imported by usepackage{geometry} provide commands to manipulate the dimension of several elements in a L a T e X document. After importing that package, marginnote is imported by usepackage{marginnote} and the you can use the command

That prints the text inside the braces, the second parameter inside brackets determines the vertical alignment relative to the line where the command is used. Negative values are allowed.

Choosing the edge for the margin notes

The default edge to print margin notes is the left for one-sided documents, outer for double-sided documents and the closest for two-column documents. You can explicitly change that.

The command reversemarginpar prints the markin note in the opposite margin.

Further reading

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