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1. Fill Out McDonald’s Online Application

McDonald's application help! So hey again lol so im filling it out and there's a thing saying 'your message to the hiring manager' so i wrote: 'Hi, I'm looking for a part-time job at McDonald's and would love to join the team. 39,911 McDonald's Application Manager jobs available on Apply to Crew Member, Customer Care Manager, Department Manager and more! 27,501 McDonalds Manager jobs available on Apply to Department Manager, Assistant Manager, Governance Manager and more!

The online application form is pretty simple and all you have to do is to fill in your personal details, a couple of references, educational background, and some short answers to 6 questions that will test your skills.

2. Answer McDonald’s Personality Questionnaire

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After the submission of your application form, you will be asked to answer a personality test; this is in order to test your personal values and suitability for the position you are applying for. Its main emphasis is on management qualities and the capability to work properly together with a team.


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3. Get Through McDonald’s On-Job Evaluation

The on-job evaluation or OJE is a day-long valuation wherein you, as an applicant with run through different tasks. Applicants will join a restaurant crew initially, learn about customer service, how to handle cash, tools maintenance, food hygiene, and of course health and safety.


4. Face McDonald’s Interview

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The last step would be to face an interview with the operations manager. This might cover your educational and work background, the inspiration to apply for the company, and basic skills. It is also a chance for the applicant to ask any questions they have about the job.