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24 Jan 2014

  1. Mesa Exercise Equipment

Go to Sway Home. Correlation ID: ec9dc52b-b5ba-4605-acbb-0b6e069b7634. I would like to add this feature to MesaExif at yearly charge, around US$1. I am working for the update as of June 21. This entry was posted in Apps, Idea, macOS on Jun. 21, 2019 by raizan2ame. MesaExif Photo Meta Edit. Andreas Franke Sonntag, 29. November 2020, 16:46 Uhr. Hallo Michael, ich wollte dein oben angebotenes Programm MetaData.workflow. 「applicationDidFinishLaunchingに制御が渡らない」というアプリの制御の話です。 すでに公開しているNSOpenPanel / NSToolbarのサンプルプログラムとほぼ等価のコードをアプリで書いています。しかし、サンプルプログラムと違う動きをしていました。どこが違うかというと、アプリでは、awakeFromNibのあと.


The following patch utility corrects the EXIF geo-location meta data on saved images taken using the built-in camera on the Mesa Rugged NotePad. Click on the following file link to download (do not extract), copy to the Mesa, then view and tap on the file in File Explorer on the Mesa to install.

These patch utilities have been integrated in Mesa OS release 1.1.5. Otherwise, click on the files in the table below to download each patch utility. Copy to and then run each CAB file from within File Explorer on the Mesa to install.

Mesa Exercise Equipment




Display Driver (Camera Rotate)

Changes the display driver to allow pictures to be taken in landscape or portrait, improving compatibility with apps such as ESRI Arcpad


Video Recording

Improves video recording (prevents frame delays) in the Camera Capture (Pictures & Video) app, though will take longer after recording to render the video to a file.