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Movavi Photo Manager Personal for Mac Mac Download by Movavi Software Inc Platform: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. If you edited a video or photo in the trial version, don’t forget to save the project file. After activating the program, open the project and export the video or photo again. In other instances, you can just repeat the actions with the original file (for example, convert the file a second time). How to get rid of the Movavi watermark.

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What happens to all those hundreds of vacation photos, party snaps and random selfies that we take on our phones? In most cases they end up lost somewhere on our hard disks or cloud storage. But wouldn’t it be so much better if you could keep them all nice and tidy in neatly organized photo albums?

We agree – so we’ve come up with some of the best photo organizing software for Mac, so you don’t lose any of those important memories!

Movavi’s photo management software for PC and Mac will organize all your image files in no time. Just sit back and relive those precious moments with your family or share vacation photo collections with your friends – no more work required! Try Free Buy Now. Movavi Photo Manager for Mac Focus On The Memories, Forget About Managing Photos! $19.95 This photo organizing software will help you save time managing your digital photo collection. Photo Manager features: Create albums automatically or by hand: Easily find photos by date or location: Add tags to images: View pictures in many popular formats: Edit multiple images simultaneously: Switch to Movavi Photo Editor to enhance a photo: Photo Editor features: Apply effects and enhance images: Change or remove image backgrounds.

Top Mac Photo Organizing Software

Let’s start with a summary of the top three products:

Top Picks
Recommended Best ChoiceEditor’s ChoicePeople’s Choice
ProgramMovavi Photo ManagerAdobe BridgeApple Photos
Interface complexity


Our Rating10/109/108/10

Ready to test the top option in our list with a 7-day free trial?

If you want to dig into more details, here’s a more extensive review of our top ten photo organizers.

Movavi Photo Manager: The All-in-One Solution

Price: $39.95 for one-time purchase

Our rating: 10/10

Overview: If you’re looking to organize your pictures into neat catalogs with clear tags and labels, Movavi Photo Manager is the answer. The program helps you archive and store your photographs in a variety of way. Firstly, you can tag your pictures and assemble your albums manually. Secondly, you can trust the software’s automatic algorithms to arrange your folders based on photo geolocation, time of shooting, or even the faces in the photos – the program includes an AI facial recognition tool to achieve this.


➕ Intuitive user-friendly interface

➕ Detects and deletes duplicate images

➕ Facial recognition tool

➕ Basic editing tools


➖ The trial period only lasts for a week

Best for: Anyone who needs versatile Mac photo organizing software for tidying up their photo collection

Adobe Bridge: A Bridge Across Your Adobe Projects

Price: Free

Our rating: 9/10

Overview: Unlike most products from the legendary manufacturer, Adobe Bridge doesn’t cost you a thing. This freeware complements other Adobe products as a functional photo organizer for easy access and searching through your files. The program arranges all the photos on your computer into one library, so you can easily open any of your images directly in the software you want to use to edit it.


➕ Great search tool for navigating through your digital archives

➕ Creates a convenient visual outline of your files


➖ Primarily designed for Adobe users – if you’re not one, you might want to choose a different option

➖ No editing tools included – only a sorter


Best for: Adobe software users

Apple Photos: Connecting All Your Apple Devices

Price: Free

Our rating: 8/10

Overview: This program will be familiar to every iPhone or Mac owner. The app imports pictures directly from your iCloud storage, meaning that all your shots created on Apple devices will be saved in one place. The latest updates to the program showcase awesome machine learning technology that recognizes scenes and objects in pictures. It also has a smart tool for automatic slideshow creation: the program even occasionally reminds you of past memories by suggesting a slideshow of those shots.


➕ Intuitive interface with the signature Apple look

➕ Desktop and mobile versions synchronize quickly

➕ Built-in basic editing tools – including auto enhancement


➖ Tricky to synchronize with an Android-based phone

Best for: Apple device lovers

: The Best of Artificial Intelligence

Price: $69

Our rating: 8/10

Overview: Luminar features an impressive selection of instruments for editing and organizing your photographs. It’s particularly appreciated for its AI-powered tools for enhancing landscapes and portaits. What’s more, Luminar can be used as a plugin for Adobe products or the built-in Photos program on your Mac – which is great for those who find it hard to get around in new software interface.


➕ Great automatic adjustment features with AI technology

➕ Unlimited cloud storage space (upgrade costs extra)

➕ Supports RAW format


➖ Doesn’t include face recognition or keyword tagging

Best for: Amateur and professional photo editors

Adobe Lightroom: Going Pro in Every Way

Price: $9.99 per month

Our rating: 8/10

Overview: Not only is Adobe Lightroom good for professional photo editing, but it also features an array of useful tools for sorting your pictures. Its Sensei AI technology intuitively adds appropriate keyword to your images, making it much easier to search through your gallery. This tool also suggests basic tweaks to your shots – not to mention that the program itself offers an excellent selection of instruments for advanced photo editing. Available for iPhone and Android-based phones, too!


➕ Adobe Cloud storage – easy to access from any device

➕ Professional editing instruments included

➕ AI-powered tagging technology


➖ The subscription fee is not vey budget-friendly

➖ Might be a little difficult for beginners

Best for: Professional and amateur photographers

Mylio: A Versatile Solution

Price: Free for 3 devices and up to 25.000 photos

Our rating: 7/10

Overview: Need a universal multi-platform app for arranging your photographs? This app does a great job in managing your pictures across all your devices: it’s available for Mac, WIndows, iPhone and Android-based phones. With Mylio, you can easily access your pictures even in an offline mode – the library on your device will sync with the storage once you’ve back online.


➕ Available for both desktop and mobile devices

➕ Editing instruments included

➕ Features a face recognition tool


➖ Free version doesn’t support RAW format

Best for: Users with a range of devices with different operating systems

Capture One: Professional Photographers’ Asset

Price: from $11.99 for each type of cameras, $24.99 for all

Our rating: 7/10

Overview: Capture One is more famous for its editing tools rather than its photo organizing capacities. It offers a variety of powerful instruments for working with color correction, layers, masks and presets. Its in-built mechanism allow cataloging, tagging and sorting pictures into smart albums and lists, significantly facilitating the workflow of photographers.


Professional editing tools

Lightroom importer included

RAW formats supported


➖ The most versatile edition is quite expensive

Best for: Users who are fully immersed in photography

Picktorial: Worthy Mac-Only Solution

Price: $4.99 per month

Our rating: 7/10

Overview: Indeed one of the best tools designed exclusively for Mac. This program has a remarkable single-space interface which makes your workflow exceptionally smooth and convenient. Customizable presets, non-destructive editing, smart albums and rating system for your photos – everything you’d want from universal photo organizing software.


➕ Retouching and object removal tools

➕ Real-time comparison

➕ 500+ supported cameras


➖ The free version offers a very limited selection of tools

Best for: Dedicated Mac users with large photo archives

ACDSee Photo Studio: Reliable Software for Amateur Photographers

Price: $49.95 for one-time purchase

Our rating: 7/10

Overview: An advanced software solution for mildly editing and properly organizing your pictures. It has a built-in editor with an array of retouching tools, allows working with layers and supports RAW formats. Its photo organization instruments include a duplicate finder, filtering by location and keywords, multiple image baskets and Dropbox/OneDrive support.


➕ Allows batch processing

➕ RAW and GoPro support

➕ Great editing tools

➕ Cloud access


➖ Overcrowded interface

➖ Face recognition tool needs improvement

Best for: Those who print images or burn them on disks

: An Editor with Strong Management Functions

Price: $79.99

Our rating: 7/10

Overview: Although this program primarily defines itself as a RAW photo editor, its functions are not limited to that. Aside from high-end retouching and color correction tools, AfterShot Pro offers a complete photo management solution for organizing catalogs, creating web galleries and facilitating your search through all existing photo archives.


Comprehensive watermarking tool

➕ Advanced lens correction

➕ Various RAW camera profiles


➖ Takes time to master – not quite suitable for beginners

Best for: Professional photographers and active content makers

: Convert, Edit, Catalog and Create

Price: Free for private and educational purpose

Our rating: 6/10

Overview:Cataloging, indexing and archiving images made easy. Like most competitive photo management tools, XnView MP lets you convert your pictures and apply basic editing controls such as cropping, rotating, adjusting colors and even retouching.


➕ Supports all major graphic formats

➕ Slideshow creation included

➕ Batch convertion allowed


➖ The interface of the program is not so user-friendly

Best for: Those who are mainly looking to reorganize their database

digiKam Photo Manager: Bit of Everything in Good Balance

Price: Free

Our rating: 6/10

Overview: This software documents detailed information about each of your photos, making it even easier to navigate through your collection and organize it into neat folders. The built-in graphics editor looks good, too – at least it offers a pretty decent set of tools while still being a free program.


➕ Handles thousands of photos

➕ Supports RAW format

➕ Open-source free software


➖ Exporting options are a bit complicated

Best for: Those who like to experiment with open-source programs

Gemini 2: The Best Duplicate Image Finder

Price: 20$ per month

Our rating: 5/10

Overview: This software is well-known for its ability to locate all similar-looking photos in your gallery. It’s an exceptionally handy instrument these days when we tend to take dozens of pictures at once! The in-built AI tool also helps you distinguish the best shot among all the duplicates and immediately get rid of the rest. The downside is, that’s pretty much everything this app can offer.


➕ Excellent duplicate finder

➕ Frees up a lot of space on your disk instantly


➖ Doesn’t do anything else

➖ Fairly expensive

Best for: Everyone who has a habit of taking many pictures at once

PhotoDirector 365:Bringing Together Photo and Video Content

Price: from $3.42 per month

Our rating: 5/10

Overview: «Turn photos into art» – that’s the main motto of this app. This program offers a large variety of creative instruments for editing and stylizing your pictures with tons of effects and filters. It also helps you transform your videos into still images (check out its Motion tool!) and GIFs, or, alternatively, adding some animated movement to your photos.The downside is that its photo organizing capacities only apply to the images you access via the app.


➕ Motion tool for capturing action

➕ Photo animation tool for stunning effects

➕ Stock image library and audio tracks


More of an editor than a management tool

Best for: Social media content creators

Apowersoft Photo Viewer: View, Convert and Export

Movavi Photo Manager For Mac Key

Price: $69.95 for a one-time purchase

Our rating: 4/10

Overview: It’s pretty much what it’s called – a viewer rather than a manager. It’s a useful program to complement your main photo management software, as it can easily convert professional formats into more conventional ones. It can also read and transform PDF files – so it might work well for filling in the place of a designated PDF reader on your computer.


➕ Supports HEIC format

Movavi Photo Manager For Mac Torrent

➕ Low system requirements – works even on old devices

➕ Reads PDF files


➖ Doesn’t really manage your photos

Best for: Those who already have a more versatile photo sorting tool

How to Choose the Right Software for Managing Your Archives

With such a wide range of photo organizing software out there, it’s easy to get lost searching for the right one. Here are some tips on to find the option that’s right for you.

1. Read reviews. We always suggest going over other users’ feedback first to see if it’s generally positive, and whether there are any typical problems you’re likely to face.

2. Try out first. Don’t forget that most paid options offer a trial period: it’s always best to give it a shot with a free version before making up your mind to purchase. That’s why Movavi Photo Manager comes with a 7-day trial: enough to test out all the key features and decide if you’re ready to live without them from now on!

3. Mind your budget. Last, but obviously not least, is the price factor. It doesn’t make sense to opt for the most expensive program if you’re unsure yet whether you’ll use it. Again, that’s when testing the program throughout a trial period will help. You can also try out one of the free solutions alongside the paid one and compare the results.

No doubt, you always expect professional photographers to click excellent photos that capture the mood of the moment and have no blemishes on them.

Quickly Navigate to:

However, it is a different thing altogether when your friend shows you his latest collection of photographs that he has taken that appear as good as those taken by the professional, even though you know that he too is using the same camera that you use.

Be prepared for a surprise to hear that you too can reproduce such stunning photographs. I am using the term “reproduce” because your friend did not “take” excellent snaps. On the contrary, he used Movavi photo editor, one of the rare programs that allow you to bring to life your dull and boring snaps.

No doubt, you might have tried many websites that claim to be the best online photo editor, but they have lots of limitations. They only offer you a number of filters that you can use by uploading your photograph on their site, applying the requisite filter, and downloading the retouched image.

However, if you are looking for the best photo editing software that you can install on your computer, then look no further than Movavi. They are also reputable in providing audio-visual editing and manipulation solutions.

What is New?

You can take a look at the ‘what is new‘ section of the website in order to be up to date with the latest that Movavi has to offer. What you can get to know include the latest versions and releases, improvements and newly introduced features.

Reviewing Movavi Photo Editor 5

Although it is virtually impossible to describe all the effects that this software offers, I'll try to educate as much as possible about the potentialities of this software through this Movavi photo editor review.

Mind-blowing Features

Before I proceed with my Movavi photo editor 5 review and shed more light on the mind-blowing effects of this program, I would suggest that those looking for a professional photo editor online should visit the website of Movavi to check some of the features shown over there.

You will find an image containing a couple of big gondolas in the foreground and some tiny ones in the background. These background images tend to spoil the beauty of an otherwise excellent picture. By simply turning on the “remove extra gondolas” option you will see the small gondolas vanish from the image and see them replaced with the canal's water.

Removes Any Object that Blurs Photos

Notice carefully that at the bottom of the image, the photographer had mistakenly put one of his fingers near the lens, and it appears like a blurred figure in the image. Such is the power of Movavi that you can remove the blurred portion from the image by switching on the “erase finger” option and see the magic of Movavi at play.

Some Unwanted Objects in this Picture
Unwanted Objects Removed

Remember, you can apply these and many other options to your pictures too.

What is Movavi Photo Editor?

Movavi Photo Editor is a professional photo editing software with inbuilt artificial intelligence to check each individual object in an image or picture. It uses the information it gathers to replace the space left over in a picture when an object is deleted from it and allows it to calculate how the image would have looked without the deleted object. It then fills up the blank space accordingly.

Available for Both Mac and Windows PC

I am sure Mac users will be drooling to get their hands on this program too and are searching for a descriptive Movavi photo editor for Mac review. The good news is that the developers have kept Mac users in mind too; therefore, you can download Movavi Photo editor for both Mac and Windows.

As the installers for the different platforms are different, you should first select the operating system you want to use this photo editor on before downloading the installer. The Movavi photo editor Mac comes as a .dmg download, whereas the Movavi photo editor for PC is available for download in a.exe format.

Movavi Has You Covered

The bottom line is that Movavi has got you covered whether you need a Mac version or Windows version. This is something that other popular image editors cannot boast about.

You Can Try Out Movavi Photo Editor for Free

I strongly suggest that you visit the vendor's site to check how the program works before purchasing it and then return to read the remainder of this Movavi photo editor for Windows and Mac review.

You can do this by clicking on the “try now” icon on their website to avail of the Movavi photo editor free download. I would like to point out that both Windows and Mac versions have similar features.

Here is some awesome news! Unlike other programs that include maximum restrictions on their trial versions, the free version allows you to apply and experiment with all the features of this awesome program.

Some Limitations in the Trial Version

The trial versions of Movavi boasts of all of the functionalities of the licensed versions, but you can only use them for a specified number of days post-installation and may include some other minor restrictions. For example, expect to find:

• A watermark on the copied image parts
• The screenshots disabled
• That you can save and share a maximum of 10 images (sorry, they too will contain watermarks)

However, you can easily play with all the other filters and see how they enhance the beauty of your pictures with the trial version. I am sure that you will love it so much that you will want to download the full version of the program.

The Paid Version

If you are convinced about the power of this program after seeing what it can do by reading this review as well as checking all the functionalities on their website and want the full version of the program, click on the “buy now” button, fill-up the form on their website with the requisite information plus your email, pay the money online through credit card via their secure server, and then click on the Movavi photo editor download link.

You will receive the software via email. The email also contains a unique serial required to activate the program after installing it.

When you first launch the program, you will be provided with the option to try or buy it. Click on the “buy” option. After that, click on the “I have a serial key.” In the next screen, copy and paste the serial number you received via email to activate the program.

How to Use Movavi Photo Editor

Although this software is extremely easy to use, and all of its functions are self-explanatory for almost all photo enthusiasts, if you still have any doubts, you can check out the manual on how to use Movavi photo editor.

What You Can Do with Movavi

Remove Unwanted Objects

You might have already experimented with a few of the available features on the Movavi photo editor online version. Expect a lot more with the full version.

Here are some of the features that you can try out on their website. The “remove unwanted objects” is my favorite. Clicking on that link takes you to the “gondola” image I mentioned above. Go ahead and play with it to understand how powerful this program is.

Enhance the Quality of Your Images

Next in line is the “enhance image quality.” On the one hand, shooting photographs in cloudy weather can make them appear dull and hazy. On the other hand, it can be quite tricky to click perfect photographs on overcast days.

However, you can remove these blemishes from your picture with the help of the “enhance image quality” feature. Improve the contrast and enrich the colors of your photographs with one click.

In the online example, drag the slider to the left or the right until the photograph appears as natural as possible. You can do the same to your pictures with this feature.

Restore Old Photographs

Nature and lack of care take its toll on old pictures. They might have scratches on them. Apart from this, if you try to blow up images shot on film, they might appear grainy. You can make use of the amazing “Restore old photos” feature to remove scratches and grains from old photographs with the help of Movavi.

Experiment with the two filters on the website of Movavi and see how it removes all scratches and softens the grains on the image provided.

I believe there is no need to mention that you too can restore your old pictures to their pristine glory with Movavi by your side. This function works best with black and white pictures, and I shall not suggest you try it on color photographs, as the remove scratch feature might change the color of the area being fixed.

These features are available for both Windows and Mac users of Movavi. Eliminate traces of cracks and stains, visual noise, as well as flatten creases effortlessly.

Believe me, this software is so user-friendly, that, to use an old cliché, “even your grandmother can master it”. Go ahead, play with old pictures, and bring back precious memories by rescuing vintage prints.

Retouch Portraits

Eager yet uneasy about changing your look for the better? Depend on Movavi to apply changes to your style with this “grandma friendly” software that boasts of 17 photo retouching tools that allow you to try and apply amazing transformations on your portraits.

You just need a few clicks of the mouse button to apply touch-ups as well as cool makeups.

Movavi Photo Manager For Mac 2020

With Movavi photo editor on your computer, you can:

• Dye your hair
• Fill in your eyebrows
• Change the color of your eyes
• Smooth out your skin texture, and even
• Apply lipstick

Do not take my word for it. Try these features on Movavi's website and be prepared to say “wow!”

By the way, you can apply different colors of lipstick and dye your hair the color you prefer with the full version.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. With Movavi installed on your computer, you can also:

• Apply white balance on your photographs to restore natural lighting

• Use effects to apply special filters to create different looks

• Use the “text” option to insert titles, captions, and even add decorations

• Adjust the clarity in blurred images (yes, it happens when you shoot moving images at slow speed or if your hand shakes while clicking the trigger)

• Take advantage of the “retouching” option to smooth out wrinkles, correct the annoying red-eye effect that makes you look like “Count Dracula,” and eliminate shine (caused by improper use of the flashgun)

• Resize, rotate, and crop your images to shrink images for use on the web, straighten the horizon, and improve the composition of pictures

• Try color correction to correct the colors of the picture without distorting the skin tone

• Experiment with the “makeup” effect to airbrush digital lipstick, mascara, and eyeshade

• Make collages by combining image elements and even whole images

• Make use of the “reshaping” tool to enlarge eyes, sculpt noses, and slim down silhouettes and faces

• Use special presets to reduce visual noise in photographs taken in low light

• Make the background transparent, or replace it totally with a different one, or even select any color for a new background.

This Background Can Be Changed!
The Changing Process
Background Changed

Some Other Useful Photo Software by Movavi

You are mistaken if you believe that Movavi only offers a photo editor. There are many other programs they have on offer, which I am sure you would love to try out.

Movavi Slideshow Maker

You may want to check out the slideshow creator or maker that allows you to create engaging slideshows of your images quickly and effortlessly.

Movavi Photo Focus

Although the photo editing software can do wonders with your improperly shot images, sometimes you may even want to blur images intentionally. Movavi also has a Photo focus software that lets you use blur creatively to beautify images if you wish to.

A Product of ‘Picverse'

Movavi Photo Denoise

Movavi Photo Manager For Mac Download

Movavi also offers another software called Photo Denoise. Although the basic Movavi removes noise from images and photographs, the Photo Denoise is ideal for removing noise from photos by eliminating all the imperfections that come with taking pictures at night or evening.

A Product of ‘Picverse'

Hence, you can have a clear and crisp photo with low light (where the lighting is inadequate).

It can:

• Sharpen photographs and recover details
• Remove grains from color photographs
• Denoise any photograph


Facing problems with organizing your photographs? Movavi is your best bet if you need to organize your photos.

A Product of Picverse

Start your own photo studio from the comfort of your home today with the help of the entire bundle of these programs, popularly known as Movavi Photo Suite.

I can guarantee that once you have downloaded the demo version of Movavi and have put Movavi photo editor to test, you will be eager to purchase and get your hands on all the effects that Movavi photo editor pro (the paid version) offers.

Movavi Photo Manager For Mac

Movavi Photo Editor Price

Movavi Photo Manager Mac Review

At $39.95, the price of Movavi photo editor is far less than any comparable photo editor available on the market. Do not forget what I mentioned earlier about support for the Mac: Whether you need a Mac version or Windows version, Movavi has got you covered.