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MP3 Normalizer is designed to normalize the volume of your MP3 or WAV files. The program supports batch normalizing, and you can normalize all your MP3 and WAV files for burning to CD. Step 1: First of all, add all the MP3 files you want to listen to in the same volume into your iTunes Music Library. Step 2: Navigate to Edit- Preferences in the Windows version and iTunes- Preferences on Mac. This will activate the. Step 3: Once tick the checkbox next to Sound Check.

Mp3 Normalizer MP3Doctor - Normalize

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Mp3 Normalizer

Mp3 Doctor normalize directly from Mp3 files, you dont need to convert it to wav before

One of the most useful functions for those who have Mp3 files is the function of MP3 NORMALIZE MP3 and at the same time it is one of the least common in the software related to the Mp3 .
Besides, when a program offers this function, frequently the user doesnà ³atisfy his necessity because the word normalize mp3 is usually wrongly understood .
Mp3 Doctor offers the best function for normalizing the Mp3s .

What exactly is Mp3 normalizer ?

It may be understood in two ways :

  • The different Mp3 of an user have each one a different volume, which makes that when listening to in or recording a CD, unpleasant differences are listened in the volume .
    For this kind of problems the function of the normalize Mp3, is indicated, since it makes that all the Mp3s have an excellent volume, which prevents the problem already mentioned .
  • Sometimes, in the same song , there are important differences in the volume , as in one of its parts there is a very low volume while in other or others there is a correct or loud volume . In this case the classical function mp3 normalizer, present in most of the programmes that have normalize mp3, is not useful .

    Mp3 Doctor, on the contrary, makes the volume of a Mp3 to become excellent, so that none of its parts have low volume It is really amazing , to hear how the Mp3 Doctor is capable of harmonizing the volume of every part of a Mp3 .

    What is more, it is possible many times, to identify sounds or instruments that without it, had been unnoticed to the human hearing .
    Your music will have a new colour, the experience of hearing will be more pleasant and intense after using the normalize of Mp3 Doctor .
    You will be able to listen to your music as clearly as if you were in a recording studio !

    To sum up we can say that the super normalizer of Mp3 Doctor will enable you to :

  • Standardize the volume in all your Mp3s .
  • Make the volume excellent in the different parts of a song preventing that some parts sound too low which makes the experience of listening to music, unpleasant or unsatisfying . Both possibilities are combined in one only click, since the Mp3 Doctor makes excellent and standardizes the volume of your music .
    You do not need to be experienced or having to face interfaces full of complex parameters which are difficult to use .
    Mp3 Doctor has been designed for the most unskilled user to be able to make his music excellent . With only one click it is possible to get Mp3s of the highest quality .
  • At the same time Mp3 Doctor offers the possibility for the skilled users, to makes the adjustments and improvements that they have always wanted to make to their music files and to novice users Mp3Doctor is easy to use .
    Perhaps the explanation we have given seems to be extensive or confusing for unskilled, however using the program is so simple that no previous knowledge is needed and as it has been said before, an only click is enough to normalize one or more Mp3s .


    Super Normalize mp3
    Usually to NORMALIZE a mp3 file you just need to select a file or a batch of files and click one button

    Nothing more is needed. Just select the file or files that you want to normalize and click the NORMALIZE buton, thats all, so easy!!

    This function will adjust the level of ALL your file to get the best of EVERY PART of your mp3.
    Not only your song will have a better volume rolex replica , but every part of the song will be adjusted to its best possible value.
    No more songs with lower parts that cant be listedened clearly!
    ALL your music will sound with the best level possible, now you will be able to feel and heard parts of the music that before was lost because has a very low volume.

    As we said befor, you DONT NEED TO DO NOTHING MORE than just select a file (or a batch of files) and CLICK the NORMALIZE MP3 button... that ALL, so easy.

    This optimized feature let you adjust the level of any Mp3 or Wav to standardize ALL your files, but it offers too the possibilitie to change the dynamic level 'inside' the song. This means that the low every part of a song will be normalized to raise the highest value possible without distortion.
    However, if you feel that some peeks are too loud once a file was normalized, then you can make some fine adjustements to correct this.
    The OPTIONS on Mp3Doctor will let to be able to change some setting if you want, BUT its a feature for advanced users... Its not needed to use the OPTIONS setting for normalize a file, replica rolex ONLY if you are a advanced user and want to make some changes you can do it.

    The Normalize Method 4 (called Super Normalize) is the default one.
    Go to the OPTIONS windows and change the Dynamic Range to a lower value (just a bit). Per example: If the dynamic range was on 85% then put it on 80% or 75% and try again.
    The Normalize level must be used carefully, by default its value is 140%. This means that the highest amplification on any part of the file will by a 40% (other parts will have less amplification depending on several factors, like dynamic range, etc).
    If a file is too low, you can try a different Normalize level, maybe 150 or 160, etc.

    Methods 1 & 2
    Normalize Methods 1 & 2 are the feature that let you set the volume of a file at the maximum level possible with out any distortion.
    Then, if you NORMALIZE all your Mp3 or Wav files, you will get a STANDAR volume for them.

    Of course, if a file has a part with a low level and a part with volume peeks, then the calculation will amplify the file to the maximum possible level of the peeks...
    In the OPTIONS menu you can adjust the level of the NORMALIZATION, from 0 to 200. Where 0 to 99 means low the volume, 100 means get the 100% without distortion and from 101 to 200 means to amplify the level (with the risk of distortion).

    BIAS adjust is recommended to set in TRUE

    Many experts said that listening to music is a good way to relax and good for your health; however, nothing is more irritating than having your eardrums suddenly pierced by an awfully strident MP3. Apparently, not all MP3 files have the same volume, and the music that sounds too loud or too quiet cannot provide good experience at all. In fact, the easiest way to avoid such situations is to look a good MP3 volume normalizer, which is able to make all of your music sound at a similar level, so that you do not need to adjust the volume of your audio player constantly. And in this post, you can learn multiple MP3 normalizers.

    Part 1: How to normalize MP3 volume with Screen Recorder

    For average people, a good MP3 normalizer should equip several features, like simply reset MP3 volume to the same level. According to our research, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is one of the best MP3 volume normalizers. Its main features include:

    • 1. Normalize the sound volume of songs with a single click.
    • 2. In addition to MP3, support the playlist contains M4A, WMA, AAC, FLAC and other audio formats.
    • 3. Capture online audios and save them to MP3 while normalizing the volume.
    • 4. Extract MP3 from local or online video files.
    • 5. Merge and cut MP3 files.
    • 6. Utilize hardware and advanced technology to keep the original audio quality.
    • 7. Provide extensive custom options related to MP3 quality and more.
    • 8. Control the process using hot keys.

    If you are looking for an easy-to-use MP3 normalizer with a wide range of useful functions, Screen Recorder is the best option.

    How to normalize MP3 volume without quality loss

    Step 1: Preparations for normalizing MP3 volume


    First of all, you need to download and install Screen Recorder on your computer. There are two versions, one for Windows and the other for Mac OS. Then you have two sources: put local MP3 with your media player or search for online music within your browser.

    Step 2: Normalize MP3 to the similar volume

    Launch Screen Recorder from your desktop and select Audio Recorder on the home interface to open the best MP3 volume normalizer. Then make sure to turn on System Sound and disable Microphone at the same time. Next, open the Preferences dialog by pressing the More settings option at upper right corner, go to the Output tab, set output format and other parameters as you wish. Click the REC button as soon as start playing your music. When another song starts, move the slider on the System Sound section to get the desired volume.

    Step 3: Pre-listen to and export the MP3

    When the playback is done, hit the REC button again, you will be taken to the media player window. Press the Play icon to pre-listen to the result and check if all songs sound in the same volume. If you are satisfied with it, click the Save button to export the MP3. Now, you can enjoy your music on any devices.

    Part 2: How to normalize MP3 volume with MP3grain

    It makes sense that some people prefer to free MP3 normalizers when considering that you can get what you want without paying a penny. MP3Gain is such freeware. And the step-by-step guide below could help you to process your MP3 quickly.

    Step 1: MP3Gain is a free utility without ads or malware, but you’d better get it from reputable sources. Then run it and click on the Add File or Add Folder menu on the top of the window to import all MP3 files that you want to normalize.

    Step 2: Next, input a proper value in the Target Normal Volume box. By default, the number is 89dB, but you can increase or reduce it. Then hit the Album Analysis menu at top ribbon to analyze the volume of each MP3 file. It may take a while depending on how many songs process.

    Step 3: When the analysis result shows up, click on the Album Gain button to start normalizing your MP3 files immediately. Wait for the process to complete, the MP3 normalizer will tell you what adjustments were made.

    Congratulations! Now, you can enjoy your favorite songs in the same volume without worrying about one track becoming loud or quiet suddenly.

    Note: If the result is not satisfactory, you can Undo Gain changes in the Modify Gain menu.

    Part 3: How to normalize MP3 volume with iTunes

    If you use iTunes to manage your files on iPhone or iPad, you can use the built-in MP3 normalizer to adjust the playback volume of the songs to the same level automatically.

    Mp3 Normalizer Online

    Step 1: First of all, add all the MP3 files you want to listen to in the same volume into your iTunes Music Library. Run your iTunes, go to File-> Add Fill to Library, and import all desired MP3 files.

    Step 2: Navigate to Edit-> Preferences in the Windows version and iTunes-> Preferences on Mac. This will activate the Preferences dialog. Then go to the Playback tab from the top of the dialog.

    Step 3: Once tick the checkbox next to Sound Check, the built-in MP3 normalizer will work spontaneously. Click the OK button to confirm it and go back to the home interface.

    Note: According to our testing, iTunes seems to work reasonably well, but some people reported that the quieter songs still playing too quietly while louder ones are extremely loud. The alternative solution is to adjust the volume of each song separately.

    Step 4: Right-click on the song whose volume you want to adjust, and choose Get Info. Then go to the Options tab, check the box of Volume Adjustment and change the slider to get the ideal volume. Hit OK to confirm it.

    Part 4: FAQs of MP3 volume normalizer

    1. What is normal dB for MP3?

    Generally speaking, the normal volume set for MP3 is 89dB.

    2. How do I make my MP3 files louder?

    Mp3 Normalizer Full Version

    To make your MP3 file louder, you need an MP3 volume increase tool. Learn from this post to make your MP3 audio louder.

    Mp3 Normalizer Software

    3. How do I reduce the volume of a sound file?

    To reduce the volume of a sound file, you need an audio volume reducer. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate can help you exactly.
    1. Run Video Converter Ultimate and add the MP3 music file.
    2. Click the edit icon and go to Audio tab.
    3. Select Audio Track Disabled from the drop-down option of Audio Track.
    Then the volume can be reduced to be silent.


    Mp3 Normalizer Torrent

    Note: In this tutorial, we have shared three best MP3 volume normalizers for using in various situations. Firstly, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a flexible way to normalize MP3 without interrupting the original files. It is not only easy to use, but also provides a wide array of features. On the other hand, MP3Gain is another way to adjust the volume of MP3 files to the same level for free. If you have iTunes on your computer already, it is another option as well.