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Apr 15, 2021 OpenMTP is a Free and Open-source alternative to Google's officially dead Android File Transfer app for macOS. Use OpenMTP to transfer files between macOS and Android phone using your phone's USB cable.

Openmpt Instruments

  1. About OpenMTP-3.0.0-beta.5 🔥 🔥 Note: This a pre-release version and it might be unstable. ⚠️ Minimum OS X version required: El Captain (10.11) Features. New and Super performant Kalam MTP kernel 🔥 Much awaited Samsung phone support 📱 5-6x faster file copy speed ⚡ Dark Theme mode 🌗 Drag and Drop files from the macOS Finder.
  2. This is a video I made two years ago, which shows me making a song in OpenMPT. Since then I've gotten a lot better at using OpenMPT and working quickly.
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OpenMPOperating SystemCC++

OpenMP is a set of compiler directives as well as an API for programs written in C, C++, or FORTRAN that provides support for parallel programming in shared-memory environments. OpenMP identifies parallel regions as blocks of code that may run in parallel. Application developers insert compiler directives into their code at parallel regions, and these directives instruct the OpenMP run-time library to execute the region in parallel. The following C program illustrates a compiler directive above the parallel region containing the printf() statement −

When OpenMP encounters the directive

It creates as many threads which are processing cores in the system. Thus, for a dual-core system, two threads are created, for a quad-core system, four are created; and so forth. Then all the threads simultaneously execute the parallel region. When each thread exits the parallel region, it is terminated. OpenMP provides several additional directives for running code regions in parallel, including parallelizing loops.

Openmp Parallel For

In addition to providing directives for parallelization, OpenMP allows developers to choose among several levels of parallelism. E.g., they can set the number of threads manually. It also allows developers to identify whether data are shared between threads or are private to a thread. OpenMP is available on several open-source and commercial compilers for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X systems.


OpenMPT is a popular tracker software for Windows.OpenMPT (short hand for Open ModPlug Tracker) is completely free and allows you to create and play back some great music on your computer.Based on the original ModPlug Tracker written by Olivier Lapicque, OpenMPT is free software, can import a wide variety of module formats and offers an intuitive, native GUI as well as advanced features such as VST plugins and ASIO output.
In addition to its own song format, OpenMPT can natively edit Impulse Tracker, FastTracker, Scream Tracker and ProTracker module files. Read more about it on the features page!

libopenmpt is a cross-platform C++ and C module playback library. It is based on the player code of the Open ModPlug Tracker project. It offers high-quality module playback on a variety of platforms.