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Visual templates for planning and designing service blueprints collaboratively

PDF Print Service Creator
  • Be more efficient with pre-built service blueprint templates
  • Collaborate in real-time with others including remote employees
  • Download your service blueprint as PDF, PNG, SVG, etc. for sharing and publishing
  • Get stakeholders to share their feedback instantly with inline comments

Creately helps you do this with

Easy drawing and diagramming tools for process mapping
Share with others in your team for real-time collaboration and group editing
Download your diagram as PDFs, PNGs, SVGs, etc. for publishing, printing, and sharing

Guide and Best Practices

A service blueprint is a tool that visually represents the process of a service and how it is provided. It highlights the processes and how its components interact from the perspective of the service provider.

How to create a service blueprint

  • Gather a cross-functional team that includes team members from all departments involved in the process.
  • Identify the scope for focus or the process that needs to be blueprinted. Once you know what the process is, identify the corresponding customer.
  • Referring to or creating a customer journey map, identify the actions the customer takes as they interact with your service.
  • Conduct internal research involving employees from relevant departments to gather as much information about the process from their perspective.
  • Identify the employees’ frontstage actions. As you outline them on the swim lane map, follow them up with the identified employee backstage actions as well.
  • Using Creately’s real-time collaboration feature, invite the members of your cross-departmental team to outline and link the activities.
  • Map out the support processes which are the actions that help carry out the process behind the scenes. Include evidence at each customer’s action step as well.
  • Once the service blueprint is completed, you can share it with others with edit or review access. Or simply download it as SVG, PDF, PNG, etc., so you can publish or print it out.

More templates and visual ideas for creating service blueprints

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