PDP-8-E Simulator

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License SIMH V3.9-0 May 3, 2013 Various very old computers Cross-platform Open source PDP-8 / E Simulator 2.2 December 8, 2019 PDP-8 / E Mac OS, OS X GPL. List of early third generation computers (2,027 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article IBM 370. MAINDECs passed by the PDP-8/E Simulator Most of the MAINDEC hardware diagnostic programs do not depend on exact timing and can be run successfully on slow Macintoshs or with the simulated PDP-8/E running as fast as possible.

2020-08-28 15:17:50 UTC
Pdp 8 simulatorPDP-8-E

Pdp 8 Simulator

  1. The PDP-8/E Simulator is an emulator for the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8/E minicomputer, a famouse computer of the early 1970 years. The simulator, first released 1994, provides a.
  2. The PDP-8/E is common, and well-regarded because so many types of I/O devices were available for it. It was often configured as a general-purpose computer. In 1975, early personal computers based on inexpensive microprocessors, such as the MITS Altair 8800 and later TRS-80, Apple II and others began to dominate the market for small general.
Pdp 8 simulator

Pdp-8/e Simulator

I'm implementing a TC08 DECtape device for the PDP-8/E Simulator (https://www.bernhard-baehr.de/pdp8e/pdp8e.html).
Normal operation already works, now it must pass the DECtape MAINDECS.
Does anybody have the MAINDEC-08-D3RA-D documentation and can provide a scan of it? I haven't found it anywhere.
The binary is available at various places and currently produces an error that I want to diagnose.
Here is a preview screenshot of the TC08 stopped with that error: Loading Image...
Thanks in advance!