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Proshow gold

Fourth Dimension are very pleased to announce that PhotoDesk 3.14 will be available at the ROUGOL London show on Saturday.


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Changes from PhotoDesk Version 3.12 to 3.14 include:

Proshow gold replacement
  • Better support for JPEGs (v8d)
  • Added Raspberry Pi 3 support
  • Improved Raspberry Pi 2 compatibility
  • Improved Pandaboard compatibility
  • Improved ARMX6 compatibility
  • Add support for LTRGB modes (Pi 64K and all IGEPv5 & Titanium)
  • ZPP supported

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Existing users wishing to upgrade can do so at the show if they bring their PhotoDesk CD with them or by emailing us the two files RunImage and !PhotoDesk.Data either before or after the show. Upgrades can be supplied on CD or by 5MB email.

Kodak Photodesk

Upgrade from 3.12 to 3.14 12 GBP


PhotoDesk is the leading RISC OS bit map editor.
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