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Introduction to Physics. Our first step in this course is to gain a basic understanding of the language.

Beginning Physics

  1. What Does Physics 101 Contain? This curriculum contains 20 individual, 20-45 minute segments examining the world of Physics. Included is a (digital PDF) Guidebook with Quizzes covering the material presented in each segment and a one-year high school Course Accreditation Program.
  2. Includes twenty 30- to 40-minute lessons on four DVDs, as well as a downloadable leader's guide and high school course booklet.
  3. What is Physics? Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences. Its goal is to learn how the Universe works at the most fundamental level—and to discover the basic laws by which it operates. Theoretical physics concentrates on developing the theory and mathematics of these laws, while applied physics focuses attention on the.
College Physics: Mech & HeatPHYS101A30232LEC50800 - 0850 MTWR 276 Loomis Laboratory Curtis M Shoaf
College Physics: Mech & HeatPHYS101D036480DIS01000 - 1150 T R 260 Mechanical Engineering Bldg David Robert Meldgin
College Physics: Mech & HeatPHYS101D130233DIS01000 - 1150 T R 305 Materials Science & Eng Bld Suraj Shankaranarayana Hegde
College Physics: Mech & HeatPHYS101D230234DIS01300 - 1450 T R 1057 Lincoln Hall Srinidhi Tirupattur Ramamurthy
College Physics: Mech & HeatPHYS101L130236LAB00900 - 1150 M W 234 Loomis Laboratory Mao Lin
College Physics: Mech & HeatPHYS101L230237LAB01200 - 1450 M W 234 Loomis Laboratory Jyoti Aneja
College Physics: Mech & HeatPHYS101L330238LAB01500 - 1750 M W 234 Loomis Laboratory Brian James Enders

Physics 101 online, free

Newton's Laws, work and energy, rotational motion, fluids, thermodynamics, and waves. A noncalculus-based approach for majors in the life sciences, preprofessional health programs, agriculture, and veterinary medicine. Course Information: Credit is not given for both PHYS 101 and either PHYS 211 or PHYS 213. Prerequisite: Trigonometry. Class Schedule Information: For students in the life sciences, pre-professional health programs, agriculture and veterinary medicine. Exams are given in the evening (during fall and spring semesters). Register for a lecture (A) section, a discussion (D) section and a laboratory (L) section.