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Classical Ballet: Classes Offered

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4-6 yrs Sunday 2-2:45 pm

Children in this beginning level learn how to assimilate the music and movement of ballet technique by watching, listening, and feeling on their own level. They realize their own capacity to be a beautiful dancer (or anything else for that matter) by learning control, balance, discipline, and perseverance. Props, games, and improvisations are used regularly.

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7-10 yrs Sunday 3-4 pm

A mixed level class much like the 4-6 year olds but with more focus on addition of more advanced steps, technique, and qualities of performance. Pre-pointe exercises will be introduced during the second half of the year.

11+ yrs Sunday 4-5 pm

A mixed level class but students will begin to address the subtleties of classical ballet training. Strong emphasis is placed on coordination between arms and legs, classical line, and the upper body. Students will begin to become aware of and develop their unique performance qualities within the parameters of classical ballet. Some choreography will be taught during class at this level.

Boys Only! Sunday 5-5:45 pm


A traditional ballet class of mixed ages will focus on grande allegro, ballon, and tours. Partnering will be added during the second half of the year.

*All class levels consist of barre work, adagio, petite and grande allegro, piourettes, stretches, and reverence.
**Boys are welcome in any age-appropriate level class.
***Private, semi-private, adults, and special needs lessons are available by appointment.

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