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QAReplay is a screen recording tool that can replay in real-time.
It will record continuously on screen but will not save images automatically. You don’t have to worry about using a lot of storage space.
Only when tapping the Capture Replay button, QAReplay will capture the 15–120 seconds of real-time playback recording which is based on the user’s current settings: recording playback seconds, recording range, and storage location.
Whenever a user completes a replay capture, a push notification will be sent to the screen. If your storage location chooses Local Only, the replay video will be saved to the default QAReplay folder; if it is QAReplay Cloud, a dedicated sharable link will be generated while capturing the replay!
Major features:
- Capture the 15-120 seconds replay recording when the exception happened.
- Only save the replay key moments when you taping the Capture Replay button. No worries about the privacy and storage spaces.
- Choose the destination to save recordings for personal use only or automatically generate a shareable link.