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  2. QView™ from AccessData® is a simple, intuitive, fast and flexible desktop review tool that delivers anytime, anywhere access to your vital documents for viewing in native or near-native format, with a robust toolset capable of handling any standard review.
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Qview health

Introducing QView for Fast Document Review When it comes to document review, time is money and speed matters. Fast-track your investigations and discovery with fast document review and untether your vital documents from the cloud with QView. QView is one of the most elegant or stylish image viewers for any operating system. 'qView was designed from the very start to be as visually minimal and space efficient as possible.No cluttered interface, just your image and a titlebar. QView features a myriad of configurable preferences to ensure the best experience for as many people as possible.


Is it time to have better Visibility to your Operations. Our Dashboard allows you to easily see everything in your company. You can see how many jobs are in each station, along with what jobs are paused or more importantly which Jobs or Orders are Overdue. One simple click brings you to where you need to be.

Job Sheet


QView was designed thinking about the Production Team and how they operate. They need a simple to read Job that has all the information they need to complete the job in the most efficient manner. Having accurate easy to read information is key. Our Job Sheet is similar in many regards to paper work orders, it just has a lot better information and can be Tracked. Easy to view and easy to move, simply assign it and then click Next Station.

Job List

QView allows you and production team to easily see all Jobs and what Job to do next. Production can simply look at all Jobs in their Queue and then assign the jobs to themselves that are active and at the top of the list. If a Job is Date Sensitive it can easily be flagged so your team knows that it is a priority. If a job is paused your team knows they can move on the next available job. Knowing what to do when will save your company time with better efficiency.

Attachments and Special Orders

Attachments and Special Orders can simply be added to every job. This allows you to easily track when a Special Order is needed to complete a job. Also if you have any Special Instructions, process information or diagrams they can simply be accessed from the JOB. This speeds up your manufacturing while reducing errors.

Qview Health

Custom Work Flows

Qview Visualizer

Create custom work flows for everyone of your Companies Products. This makes life easy for your Production team as each product you build may flow differently. Your production team just clicks next station and it flows to the right location. This ensures Products flow to the right station at the right time. Each Production area will know what jobs are available to do when.


Qview Download

QView is designed get work from Sales through Production and too completion in the simplest way for your Company. Create Perfect Orders with Due dates, Customer information and Payment information. Then add as many Jobs/products/services to the Order. The Order level allows for easy Order Entry and Order Completion. It also allows you to see the status and station of where every JOB/Product/Service is in your company. No more running around your factory looking for the status on a specific job.

Create Invoices

QView isn’t designed to be a POS or Accounting system, but it does give you the ability to create an Invoice and record payments. This is great as you can Create Perfect Orders in one location and be able to email or print the invoice for your customer without going to another system. Once in QView you Order with Jobs will flow with less workload management. QView is made to work with your existing Accounting or Inventory system, but is focused on Work Flow Management. Simply add your order to your accounting system at a time that is convenient for your team.

Task Lists

Build custom Tasks for your company that ensure nothing is ever missed. A task would be mostly done by Production Management, Sales or Administration. Tasks are simply a list of things that have to be done to ensure Orders with Jobs can flow into production smoothly and can include putting a Order into your accounting system, or Production Review, or creating a detailed set of instructions. It also allows for any Post Production tasks that have to be done such as organizing shipping, calling a customer, or finalizing accounting.

Qview Medical

Product Catalog

Qview Health

When making custom products having a high quality JOB is important. With Qview you can create Jobs/Products/Services with any characteristic that you need. If you need a List / Check off box/ Text or Number field you can simply add it to that job. You can then make which ever Characteristic you like a Mandatory field. This makes it so that every Job has all the details needed. Information when building a product won’t be missed and there will be less questions from production. Again this speeds up your production while reducing errors.



Being able to find existing and past orders and jobs needs to easy. Find the information you need by Customer Name, Phone number or previous Order number. Have the visibility to make the right decisions all in one spot.