Recovery Explorer Standard

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UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is an essential utility for common data loss cases, including accidental deletion of files, storage formatting, software and hardware malfunctions. This cross-platform software works with a broad set of file systems applied in Windows, macOS and Linux allowing users to successfully restore files created in these. Order your copy of Recovery Explorer Standard (version 8 for Windows) online. Choose the most suitable licensing option.

Last update: 22.03.2021
License type:
  • Personal
Operating system:Standard
  • Windows
Сheck the License overview before making a purchase:

A Registration Code will be delivered to you by e-mail.

Recovery Explorer Standard Transmission

To activate the License, download a free version of the software and enter the Registration Code in the 'Software Activation and License' tab.

  • 360 days of free software updates;
  • Lifetime use of a licensed software version;
  • Use by a single individual;
  • Use on multiple personal computers at home (or 1 company's computer);
  • Use for personal purposes (or corporate non-commercial purposes);
  • Use for educational purposes;
  • Use by multiple persons (except for education);
  • Use for commercial purposes or providing services;
  • Transferring to third-parties or installing on third-party PCs.

Recovery Explorer Professional is a robust instrument that will cope even with most challenging data loss tasks that advanced computer users may come across with. The software handles a broad set of devices, file systems and RAID configurations. The application can boast a wide variety of tools for viewing and editing contents of disks, partitions and files in the hexadecimal mode as well as for low-level analysis of data consistency. What is more, the program is capable of decrypting disk volumes for data recovery and data access purposes while the disk-on-disk recovery technology lets you open a virtual disk nested on a physical storage, allowing to recover data straight from a virtual machine without the need to extract virtual disk first. This powerful utility is the first choice of those who have highest demands to the data recovery software they use.

Recovery Explorer Standard Version 6.16.2

Recovery Explorer Professional is aimed at providing the general public with lucid and exceptionally convenient to use means for professional-quality data recovery. If you’re an expert in this field, you might also be interested in a more specialist-oriented software – UFS Explorer Professional Recovery. Learn about the difference between these products and choose the one which perfectly meets your individual data recovery needs.