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Silverfast Preferences. Before we get into scanning, I need to show you the preferences I use for Silverfast. The version I use is Silverfast AI Studio 8.5. Of course there are some differences between Mac and Windows, but I am quite confident that the windows menu is similar to the Mac. Under the Silverfast 8 tab you will find the preference. The SilverFast SE Plus 8.5 Scanning Software with Printer Calibration helps to preserve your photos, slides, and film. SilverFast SE Plus 8.5 detects the originals to scan and aligns them at a right angle automatically. Photos, slides, negatives and filmstrips, documents and books – the Epson Perfection V330 scans almost everything. With version 6.6.2r3a SilverFast has now been specially adapted to the V330, for being able to guarantee best results.

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Silverfast Epson V750

The new SilverFast 8 scanner software is now available for the Epson Perfection 3200 Photo. Supported are Windows and Mac operating systems including 10.7 Lion.
As the most advanced scanner software SilverFast 8 carries the Epson Perfection 3200 Photo to new heights in terms of image quality and ease of use. The unique WorkflowPilot allows even beginners to achieve perfect pictures. This digital assistant avoids errors in the imaging process by arranging all necessary processing steps in the correct order.

Order SilverFast 8 for your Epson Perfection 3200 Photo by clicking on ‘DOWNLOAD’. If you already own a SilverFast copy, please click on ‘UPGRADE’ to check, if you can get SilverFast 8 as a discounted or even free upgrade. Find out all about SilverFast 8 by clicking on ‘INFO’.