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Lyle Russell Cedric 'Skitch' Henderson (January 27, 1918 – November 1, 2005) was a pianist, conductor, and composer. His nickname 'Skitch' came from his ability to 're-sketch' a song in a different key and Bing Crosby suggested that he should use the name professionally. Skitch for Dolphin Browser lets you annotate and draw on-screen captures and images, then share them with your friends, family and anyone else you deem worthy. Skitch adds a personal touch to the impersonal - you will have a blast with it. Skitch for Dolphin Browser is. Skitch’s PDF Markup feature requires an Evernote Premium account. An Evernote account is required to save to Evernote. All other capturing, mark up and saving and sharing functions are free and do not require an Evernote account.

Take a pic

Skitch takes screenshots of your computer screen and lets you edit them without much of a hassle. It is a free software program associated with Evernote, so you can synchronize the data on either app. You can also use the webcam on your PC to take selfies and modify them.

Make it your own

Skitch Software

You can quickly take a picture and turn it into a wholly personalized creation.

Skitch comes with a variety of features that allow you to annotate your images like highlighters and pencils. The functions fall far below the ones offered in Snagit, like the video capture or advanced editing available.

Skitch does have the advantage of being free while Snagit does not. Monosnap falls behind the other applications with respect to features. However, when compared to Skitch, Monosnap takes the lead by offering automatic uploads to other platforms.

One of the main problems that arise with this software program is the poor user interface. It takes a while to learn where everything is, as it is not intuitive. However, for those who aren’t looking for a heavyweight editing program, this one doesn’t have too much to get lost in.

Where can you run this program?

You can use it on OS X 10.11 and onwards

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, Snagit is filled with a lot of features that eclipse anything offered by this program. However, there is a significant price tag. Monosnap has some exciting additions, but it doesn’t have anything special to beat Skitch.

Our take

Overall, it is a robust Evernote program. It is ideal, especially given that its an efficient replacement to Apple’s primary snipping tool. While the design elements aren’t the best, it doesn’t overload you with options.

Should you download it?

Yes, Skitch is an ideal program for those who want to use a basic snapshot editing.



Skitch App Windows

  • Great features available
  • Easily share photos
  • Lightweight app

Skitch Skateboards

Skitchfor Mac