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Woofs n' Hoofs, Littleton, Colorado. 518 likes 208 talking about this 73 were here. Natural pet food in Ken Caryl (Littleton), Colorado.

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  • Spooky Hood: Item ID: 32630: Classification: Helmets Quest Items: Stackable Weight: 12.50 oz. Trade Properties; Value: Negotiable gp: Sold for (not bought by NPCs) Bought for (not sold by NPCs) Marketable Other Properties; Usable Version: 12.30 December 02, 2019: Status: Active: Help.
  • Various spooky stages to discover Will you get your passenger safely to her destination.? Features Game Center and super crisp Retina Display resolution graphics. Bonuses / Upgrades: - 3 turquoise orbs = Invulnerable for three enemy collisions - 3 yellow orbs = Fire whip for 30 whiplashs.
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Experience a thrilling coach ride controlled by unstoppable winged black horses and get your passenger to safety through perilous lands

What's new in Spooky Hoofs 1.0.2:

  • Improved Performance, Bugfixes
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Spooky Hoofs is a scary Mac OS X arcade game that invites you to a stagecoach ride in spooky environments. During your journey, you will control flying demon horses, battle creepy creatures and fight powerful bosses. Your ultimate goal is to safely get your passenger to her destination.

The game features 2D graphics that give the impression of 3D surroundings. Your coach moves automatically and you can control its acceleration, jumps and attacks. More specifically, press the left arrow key to unleash whiplashes on your horses and move faster and the up arrow key to jump above precipices.

Furthermore, various dwellers will get in your way and you must avoid or defeat them. In addition to other creatures, you can also collect powerful orbs and upgrades, such as turquoise orbs, yellow orbs and purple orbs and red orbs. Collecting all of them will result in the greatest war coach ever.

Spooky Hoofs includes multiple levels set in environment such as foggy marshes and creepy woods. The nighttime period and full-moon on the sky contributes to the impressive atmosphere. Also, in addition to the enemies on the land, flying creeps are also present and can be hit with your whip while jumping.

On the whole, fans of the horror genre will probably love the Spooky Hoofs game because of its convincing atmosphere and visual design. The game is also available on the iOS platform. Al in all, this old-school game looks fun and challenging and the price tag is as good as it gets.

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  • 64-bit processor
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Spooky Hoofs 1.0.2

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