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The outline is one of the most powerful weapons for a writer. Now you can easily outline your stories wherever you are thanks to Story Planner, a story-mapping and organizational stories tool for. Writing templates pack. This KS1 and KS2 writing template pack contains a range of templates to. WRITER'S BLOCK KEEPING YOU FROM FINISHING? If your characters paint themselves into corners or you need to rescue a malfunctioning plot, our idea generator is a nonstop source of inspiration for deepening characters and layering stories with conflict and intrigue. This story writer resource kit has been designed to be as flexible as possible. So whether you are having a one day creative writing workshop to enable your pupils to enter the competition and produce their own winning story, or if you are looking to develop a whole unit of work around narrative with the competition as your final outcome, there. WritPlan Organize Write Collaborate onyour story. An online collaborative story planner that lets writers plan, organize, and write stories & fictional universes. No installation required. Work from anywhere—even your phone. Craft your universe. Forge rich characters. Write unique stories.

Are you looking for actionable writing advice? Maybe in search of a new writing process? If you’re hoping to find tips for writing books and want to be a writer, you’re in the right spot!

If you’re want to learn how to write a book or your first novel, I’ve got you covered. Maybe you have writer’s block. Not sure where to start? Hoping to sharpen your writing skills? I can help.

Did you know… offers:

  • Fiction Writing Tips (plotting, theme, dialogue, and more)
  • Writing Resources (writing books, writing apps, and helpful writing software)
  • Genre, Sub-Genres, Tropes
  • Writing Workshops, Writing Classes, and Writing Courses
  • Great sources for grammar (websites, books, and more)
  • Writing Prompts and help for beating Writer’s Block
  • How to Write a Book (step-by-step)
  • Fiction Writing Advice
  • Gifts for Writers (ideas for the writer in your life)

If you’re just starting out, it can be overwhelming to find tips that are helpful and not simply noise.

With the vast amount of sources on the internet, diluting the good information from the bad can give you analysis paralysis.

Everybody has rules. You must do this. You must do that. Stop right there! There are no hard and fast rules. Sure, basic grammar rules are good to know, along with sentence structure, but finding your voice is a crucial step in getting started. Don’t get bogged down in rules before you’re even writing.

There. Take a deep breath. You’re free!

Now let’s look at some easy writing tips for beginners. We’ll move on from there. If you’re at the intermediate level, I’ll have articles for you later (theme and structure), but for the time being, I’ll be focusing on those starting out.

Did you know…most people want to write a book?

“I should write a book…” Sure. Great. But they don’t write a book. Nope. They never even start writing. They talk about wanting to write a book, talk about all the bits and pieces of it, but it ends up being a vacant dream.

There are two types of people in the world…

You know where I’m going with this, right? Those who do things, and those who talk about doing things. Who do you want to be?

Of those people that do sit down to start writing a book, only a few of them finish. Yep. There’s that pipe dream again.

If you’re ready to tackle your project, I’m ready to help you.

On I’m going to help you plan your book, structure a book, discuss writing apps, software, plots, themes, grammar, and more.

Let’s get started.

If you’re ready to begin writing a book or finish one you’ve started, I’ll show you how you can get going and stick with it in small bites at a time.


I’ve written and published more than thirty times. I know how to finish a project. That’s an important piece of the puzzle, finishing what you started.

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I write under multiple pen names (different names for different genres – which I’ll discuss at a later date) and know how to write, format, publish, and market my books. They’re available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play, as well as in some library systems.

Now that you know what this website is about, and how I can help you, are you ready to dig in?

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DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE?Story Planner For Writers

One Stop's signature thesaurus collection is the largest description database of its kind. With its help, you can design and write breakout characters, settings, and more—all while turning yourself into a Show-Don't-Tell ninja.


Whether you pants or plot, our story maps, scene maps, and drag-and-drop timelines make story-boarding, outlining, and character arc planning so easy it’s almost criminal.

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Our customized world-building tools and tutorials can help you build rich, layered worlds that your readers won't want to leave.


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Story Planner For Writers

If your characters paint themselves into corners or you need to rescue a malfunctioning plot, our idea generator is a nonstop source of inspiration for deepening characters and layering stories with conflict and intrigue.


The Character Builder assists you in building realistic and layered characters by integrating One Stop's complete thesaurus collection, idea generators, and other resources into one handy characterization tool.


Create folders for your projects in My Workspace, then use them to store your saved character profiles, worksheets, story maps, thesaurus notes, bookmarked generator ideas, and other items. Organization made easy!

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