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To get started, we need to open the System Preferences panel to access the SwitchResX option, which can be done by placing our cursor near the bottom of the screen until the doc opens. Check out SwitchResX for free - it's fully functional with a 10 day trial period. Feb 27, 2021 more Oh yeah, even on my friggin 60hz screen, even seeing the difference between 60hz and 144 hz on a video is really noticeble. With SwitchResX it is totally easy to match your screen resolution to the best for any app or use. While taking the benefits from full Retina for graphics or movie cutting, automatically change to HD-TV resolution when starting DVD Player or the usual beamer resolution when opening Powerpoint. Hi xzhih, thank you for your work. Trying to enable HiDPI on my external monitor (Dell U2515h) at 2560x1440 with no success. The script seems to make changes but SwitchResx does not enable HiDPI for any resolution.

First, you cannot create a display resolution that is unsupported by the display panel or deviates from the W x L ratio. For Mac displays it is either 1.6 to 1.778. Refresh rate should be 60 Hz. Develop your resolution as Scaled in SwitchResX.


To return to your default resolution try Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM.

For more help with it, please contact the developer. It is not an Apple product.


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