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System Stamp

Parcel Air System Stamps

We are constantly being asked about support tools that are available for STPA, CAST, and other STAMP-based methods. This page contains a list of the STAMP-based tools we’re aware of.

If you’re aware of a tool that is not on this list, please let us know so we can update this page!


STAMP-based support tools:

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Avant Assessment 4s

    • Created by: Asim Abdulkhaleq and team, University of Stuttgart
    • Methods supported: STPA, CAST, and others
    • Features: Open-source, free, 7,000 downloads, generate test cases. support formal software verification
    • More info: Overview
    • Created by: Zurich University of Applied Sciences
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Supports user macros, flexible control structure abstraction (“zooming in”)
    • More info: Overview
  • RM Studio
    • Created by: Stiki™ and Zurich University of Applied Sciences
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • More info: Overview
  • STAMP Workbench
    • Created by: Infomation-technology Promotion Agency(IPA), Japan
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Open-source, free, available in English or Japanese
    • More info: OverviewDownload
    • Commercial version: astah System Safety (
  • CAIRIS support
    • Created by: Dr. Shamal Faily, Bournemouth University
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Open-source platform for designing and specifying usable and secure systems
    • More info: Overview
  • SpecTRM
    • Created by: Safeware Corporation
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Professionally licensed, supports Intent Specification and formal executable requirements analysis
    • More info: OverviewDemo
  • SafetyHAT
    • Created by: Volpe
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Free, supports generation of some STPA results
    • More info: OverviewDownload
  • An STPA Tool
    • Created by: Dajiang Suo and John Thomas, MIT
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Generates STPA results and executable requirements.
    • Disadvantages: Created as an early proof-of-concept. The tool is not publicly available, but the results and methods were published so they can be incorporated into professional tools.
  • A-STPA
    • (superseded by XSTAMPP)