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Hi, Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums. One of the possible causes of this issue is that registration of Cortana and ShellExperienceHost apps is failing, in which case left clicking the Start Menu or clicking on the Cortana search box may not work, Start button and Cortana does not respond and clicking taskbar icons may also result in no response. This CICS® resource describes a task in an active CICS system that is being managed by CICSPlex® SM. The Primary key field for this resource class is TASK. When used in an evaluation definition (EVALDEF), you might want to limit the evaluation to include only those tasks for which a specific transaction is associated.


To configure assigned access (kiosk mode), you need the Application User Model ID (AUMID) of apps installed on a device. You can find the AUMID by using Windows PowerShell, File Explorer, or the registry.

To find the AUMID by using Windows PowerShell

To get the names and AUMIDs for all apps installed for the current user, open a Windows PowerShell command prompt and enter the following command:

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To get the names and AUMIDs for Windows Store apps installed for another user, open a Windows PowerShell command prompt and enter the following commands:

You can add the –user <username> or the –allusers parameters to the get-AppxPackage cmdlet to list AUMIDs for other users. You must use an elevated Windows PowerShell prompt to use the –user or –allusers parameters.

To find the AUMID by using File Explorer

To get the names and AUMIDs for all apps installed for the current user, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Run, enter shell:Appsfolder, and select OK.

  2. A File Explorer window opens. Press Alt > View > Choose details.

  3. In the Choose Details window, select AppUserModelId, and then select OK. (You might need to change the View setting from Tiles to Details.)

To find the AUMID of an installed app for the current user by using the registry

Querying the registry can only return information about Microsoft Store apps that are installed for the current user, while the Windows PowerShell query can find information for any account on the device.

At a command prompt, type the following command:

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reg query HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClassesActivatableClassesPackage /s /f AppUserModelID find 'REG_SZ'


The following code sample creates a function in Windows PowerShell that returns an array of AUMIDs of the installed apps for the specified user.

The following Windows PowerShell commands demonstrate how you can call the listAumids function after you have created it.



If multiple programs are running in full-screen mode or an open program is covering the taskbar, you may be unable to switch to another program by pressing the Windows key and then clicking the program's icon on the taskbar.

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This behavior can occur if the Always On Top check box is not selected in the Taskbar Properties dialog box.



To resolve this behavior, follow these steps:

Taskbar Windows 10

  1. Press ALT+TAB to switch to another program.

  2. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Taskbar & Start Menu.

  3. On the Taskbar Options tab, click the Always On Top check box to select it, and then click OK.

  4. Press CTRL+ESC, and then double-click the other program's icon.