Touch DJ™ Evolution

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Ready to go with Serato DJ Lite and upgrade-ready to Serato DJ Pro, the Numark DJ2GO2 Touch caters to both beginner and professional DJs. Building on the popular Numark DJ2GO2, the DJ2GO2 Touch adds scratching capability with touch-capacitive jog wheels to this already stacked portable controller. You have the ability to control Hot Cues, Loops and the Sampler all from something that can fit into your pocket.

The AudioBox 44VSL’s two combo mic/instrument and two combo mic/line inputs make it extremely versatile, enabling you to use it with microphones, guitars, keyboards, DJ gear, and more. A mix control blends the input signal with the computer playback stream for zero-latency monitoring so you can overdub new tracks without hearing annoying delays.

  • Touch-capacitive jog wheels
  • Portable but powerful two-channel controller
  • Track navigation knob with deck load buttons
  • Pad Mode select button with four pads per deck
  • Touch-capacitive jog wheels letting you scratch
  • 1/8 inch Headphone output
  • 1/8 inch main output
  1. Touch DJ Evolution makes the mixing easy, removing the need for technical beatmatching skills. The tracks are always in sync. Moreover, the key of the tracks doesn't change when the speed of the track is modified. Instead of being busy with syncing the tracks, you.
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Touch DJ Evolution is absolutely different from all DJ apps out there, and that's why it brings such fantastic results. The app is not trying to recreate any existing hardware DJ setup, like turntables or CD platters. Instead, Touch DJ Evolution offers absolutely new and fresh approach, giving the ability of direct track manipulation.

All the mixing can be done 100% visually, without any pre-cueing with headphones. The colored track waveforms are floating in the realm of the futuristic neon-glowing interface, along with the calculated beatmaps. It takes only a single tap in the beatmap zone to activate the '1-Tap Auto-Sync' feature, which will align the tracks perfectly.

Touch Dj™ Evolution Review

Touch DJ Evolution simply makes the mixing too easy, removing the need for technical beatmatching skills. The tracks are simply always in sync, and moreover, the key of the tracks doesn't change when the speed of the track is modified, thanks to the 'Master Tempo' ('Key Lock') technology.

Touch Dj Evolution

Instead of being busy with syncing the tracks, users can now focus on the more creative aspects of the mixing, and Touch DJ Evolution offers great possibilities of being creative. Quantized loops, 7 effects, sampler, automatic EQ, unlimited cue points - such impressive feature list is found only on expensive hardware setups, and some features, like Party Mode (Auto-DJ) are absolutely unique.