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TS Calc is an application entirely written in Cocoa and Objective-C dedicated to mathematical calculation for technical fields. Its purpose is to provide an application able to offer an ideal platform to solve mathematical models applied to technical problems of various type.

'Calc.ts is an outstanding project, and it's helping us improve the overall experience of the web version of Excel, which in these times of people. Calc.ts is the calculation engine in TypeScript that powers client-side estimation. Calc.ts can evaluate more than 99% of formulas with accuracy of 99.95%. Excel for the web has so many customers that Calc.ts saves them a total of 7 years every day. The Risk Calculator is wholly owned by The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS).

Ts Calculator Hattrick

TS Calc

Ts Calculator

TS Calc is a document based application and its document can be realized and used as calculation models for a specific mathematical technical problems reusable over time. These documents can also be distributed as pre made solutions for various type of technical problems with all the requested equations inside and all the variables preinserted with acceptable range already set. A TS Calc document contains a series of equations, list of variables and constants used by the equations. The user can insert different input and see the output generated by the TS Calc document using the equations solving the problem.

Calculate True Shooting Percentage

TS Calc includes a calculation engine entirely developed and coded internally by Roberto Panetta in C and Objective-C, able to solve equations with any nested level of parenthesis, variables and a large type of mathematical functions at an impressive speed, almost instantaneously on modern Macs. It can assist the user in the building phase of any model to better identify the problem and solve unwanted bugs in the inserted equations and in the using phase of the model to better understand which value to input, wich output the user obtain and to check if they are in the acceptable range from a technical point of view.