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Twizzle definition: a spin or twist Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Definition of twizzle in the dictionary. Meaning of twizzle. What does twizzle mean? Information and translations of twizzle in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Definition of twizzle in the dictionary. Meaning of twizzle. What does twizzle mean? Information and translations of twizzle in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Nov 20, 2012 The actual plot of “The Twizzle”—which centers on the plan to have Randolph Eisenbower (otherwise known as Randy Twizzle) perform the song on The Alan Brady Show—doesn’t really work, either. Initially everything seems fine, but then Randy refuses to sing unless he can do another song as well.


A twizzle is a multirotational one-foot turn in figure skating. The twizzle is most commonly seen in ice dancing, where it appears in a number of compulsory dances and is a required element of step sequences in the short dance, original dance and free dance. A twizzle is also common in synchronized skating where it is also a required element of step sequences.A twizzle differs from a figure skating spin in that it travels across the ice instead of being centered in one spot. It also differs from a series of three turns in that the turning action is continuous.Twizzles can be performed both forward and backward, on both inside and outside edges, and both clockwise and counterclockwise. Twizzles are most commonly performed in an upright position with the free foot held close to the skating leg, but other variants are possible as well, such as a twizzle in a sit spin position.Speed, ice coverage i.e. distance, unison, closeness, variety and difficulty of positions, change of rotational direction, and difficult entries are taken into consideration by the judges and technical specialists.

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VPII-GENVERSAPOINT II Generator, Footswitch, Power Cord
Bipolar Electrosurgical System
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WA47789AVERSAPOINT II Footswitch
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24 Fr Bipolar Resection Electrodes (pack of 5)
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